TCTA President Interview

Shawna Mott-Wright is a 42 year old woman. she is the TCTA president and she shares about her teacher life.

Serious Chairs Interview with Dad

Son asks Dad questions before going back to college for finals and getting a winter job

Diving Into The Mind

This is a small interview of getting to know a classmate, and how he feels about the world and his past.

Protest Music w/Brian

Asking my friend Brian Standeford, owner of Columbus’ Guitar City, the interview questions I submitted. We went into a good second part, pretty organically, as to music’s connection with social movements; something we’ve looked at in the course quite extensively!

Lydia Weiss and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson

Lydia Weiss (33) and Kyle Holsinger-Johnson (36) discuss childhood memories and experiences, identity, love, and navigating life. They talk about their relationship with one another and how it started, as well as their personal growth and proudest moments.

The great Thanksgiving listen

The person I'm going to be interviewing is my mom. She has been the person I've looked up to but. Ever really knew much about. Maybe I just didnt ask, determined to find out about the woman i call my...

My Grandmother’s thoughts on the word we live in.

Today I, Vincent Casalo interviewed my grandmother (Katherine Markey). We talked about how she thinks the world is like today. We also are able to connect with a series of questions and answers. These questions allow us and other people...

10 second test of my voice
November 20, 2018 App Interview

This was a test before the actual interview