The great Thanksgiving listen

The person I’m going to be interviewing is my mom. She has been the person I’ve looked up to but. Ever really knew much about. Maybe I just didnt ask, determined to find out about the woman i call my...

My Grandmother’s thoughts on the word we live in.

Today I, Vincent Casalo interviewed my grandmother (Katherine Markey). We talked about how she thinks the world is like today. We also are able to connect with a series of questions and answers. These questions allow us and other people...

November 20, 2018 App Interview
10 second test of my voice

This was a test before the actual interview

Mary’s relationship with mom. The life lesson learned from her.

Mary and I talked about the different aspects of her life especially the ones with her mother involved. Also, the things in her life she is or was most grateful for.

“I would like for people to remember me as an open minded person and loyal friend”

A student, Joyce Huang, interviews her sister, Teresa Huang, on her life. In the interview, they discuss the beauty and innocence of Teresa’s adolescence as well as the the importance of voice. Teresa conveys an important message when she states,...

Happiest Memories

In this interview, conducted on November 23rd, 2017, a loving mother of three, Evangeline Cancel explains her childhood experiences and life story prior to moving to New York to work as a Registered Nurse in Elmhurst Hospital. She explains how...

Sandrea Assan – Willowood X PC

This interview is private.

"Our mother taught us traditional poetry when we were children"

This interview is private.