Creativity for a Lifetime interview with Mary Robertson

We discussed life stories, how creativity has impacted her life, and her own personal history and family.

Mukta Bhat My 87-year old grandmother

The life of my 87-year old grandmother who lived through the struggle for Indian Independence during her childhood.

Snowball’s Stories
September 8, 2019 App Interview

My grandfather nicknamed Snowball shares his stores about life in London during and after World War II

Vietnam war

Papa talks about his experience in the Vietnam war

Carrier Family History Interview

The short history of my mom’s side of the family in the US. I spoke with my grandpa about our families involvement in major US wars.

Uncle Lou

My Uncle Lou grew up in the 40’s on the South Side of Chicago and was a school teacher for Chicago Public schools. This is a brief account of his childhood and pieces of his career as told by him.