My Nanny and her Wisdom

My Nanny, Christine Marcus, has come to give us a short and sweet take on the wisdom she chooses to share with future generations.

Violet Irene Lippard (Irene Gibson) – Matthew’s Nanny

Talked about Irene Gibson’s (my nanny - born 1936) childhood, what it was like for her growing up, and wisdom she’s shared for future generations.

Thailan Burress, Manny Chapman, and Sabrina Burress

Sabrina Burress (41) shares a conversation with her two sons, Thailan "Tay" Burress (20) and Manny Chapman (16), about being family, the struggles of single parenting, what family teaches each other, and the art of failing gracefully.

The Influence We Have Over Our Own Happiness

This interview encompasses several key words of wisdom in life, particularly in how to promote happiness in one’s own life through how we perceive the people and things around us.

Me and my Grandma

Today I will be intervening my grandma and asking her these questions I came up with. It was a pleasure talking to her. I have learned so much from her and I have learned things about her that I didn’t...

James Weikert’s interview of his father, Andrew Weikert

This was a short interview asking my dad about some of the most important things and memories of his life.