My mom and her wisdom

Today I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about herself, and her life. My Mexican mother Martha Martinez shared her wisdom with the world and what she’s learned in her faith and journey in life.

Conversation With Lea Hull – 03-02-2024

This conversation occurred on Feb 2nd 2024, between Lea Hull (98), David Hull (52) and Noah Hull (35).

An Interview About My Mom's life and Mine.

16 year old Tristen McMillan has a lovely not very short interview with his mother, Brandi. They have this interview in the car after getting home at the end of November 2023. Brandi shares tales of her sibling and her...

Sophia Hall and Christine Terlicher

Sophia Hall (15) talks with her mother, Christine Terlicher (53) about her childhood and experiences. Christine shares some of her greatest memories from growing up and shares with Sophia advice for her future. She also says what she imagined, as...

11-24-2023 21:14:37 Interview with my Dadi

I interview Dadi about early life in India as a woman, raising my Dad and uncles, and advice for the future generations of our family. Dadi also gives some wisdom for anyone in the world who is listening.

My best friend and I talk about life.

In this interview Zach Glaser (16) and Aiden Anderson (19) on november 26, 2023 talk about life. We cover topics such as the dangers of dangerous and pessimism, Aiden's past and how it has shaped him as a person. And...

Interview with Matt

Interview with my uncle Matt

Advice from my 94 year old Great Grandma

Here I interview my 94 year old great grandma, Hazel Parker, and asked her a few questions about her life. She gives us a few stories about growing up and ends with advice for younger people like myself.