My grandfathers experience during the Vietnam War and life after.

My grandfather and I spoke about his time in Vietnam as a marine. We discussed his military service as well as how it has affected his life.

Yager’s Story

Mr. Yager’s experience in the worlds of the military, business, and education have all shaped him into the person he is today. Though he faced traumatic events during his time in service, it taught him key values that have stuck...

Stanley Baker talks about his life through the years and his service in the military from 1962-1969.

In this interview, conducted in February 2020 in Memphis, Tennessee, Abby Shainberg (17) interviews her grandfather (79) about his childhood and growing up, decision to join the military and life in the military, and his personal values. At the end...


This interview talks about Mimi’s life from her childhood until the present.

Greg Byer speaks about his time in the US Army

Greg Byer provides insight in his on his time spent in the US Army including his initial experiences at basic training, his deployment in Germany, and his time spent in Operation Desert Shield. He also shares how these experiences shaped...

English II Interview Project

E. Scott Wright answers questions about his outlook on life, the legacy he wants to leave behind, and how others have affected him.