Bernadine Manning and Liam Manning

Liam Manning (27) and his mom Bernadine “Bernie” Manning (58) come together to talk about parenting, particularly what it was like for Bernie to raise a queer child and Liam’s journey of self-discovery. They also reflect on their relationship and...

Caleb in the Boy Scouts
November 14, 2022 App Interview

Questioning what Caleb has learned from the Boy Scouts and what it has caused him to do.

Andrew Weber and Jessica Hong

Andrew Weber (24) and his mentor, Jessica Hong (39), share a conversation about family, camping, amusement parks, and movies. Andrew also remembers the loved ones who he has lost and shares life advice for those listening.

Kurt Opprecht and Bruce Broman

Friends Kurt Opprecht (60) and Bruce Broman (60) recount some of their favorite memories of the outdoors in their long and storied friendship.

Hunter Kappelman and Katherine Kappelman

Katherine Kappelman (66) and her son Hunter Kappelman (20) share a conversation about their family, those who have lived with them, and Hunter's Eagle Scout service project.

Ed Pedi and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Award-winning professional photographer Ed Pedi shares his life story, from growing up in Chelsea with his 7 siblings to his passion for photography, traveling the globe by motorcycle, and the lessons that he learned.