Rachel DeGuzman and Maya Susice

Maya Susice (29) interviews her mother, Rachel DeGuzman [no age given], about her childhood and her relationship with her parents. They talk about family history, disrupting gendered roles, and the hopes they have for Maya's daughter.

Ruby Lockhart, Zakiya McAdams-King, and Anthony King

Spouses Anthony King (48) and Zakiya McAdams King (46) share a conversation with friend Ruby Lockhart (75) about their experiences working together at ‘All Day Sunday’ and the impact the store had on them personally and in their community.

Delores Radney, David Anderson, and Ruth Anderson

Spouses, Dr. David Anderson (92) and Ruth Anderson (81), talk with friend Delores Jackson Radney (65) about the importance of family and cultural heritage. They discuss the powerful way Kwanzaa brings people together and why they continue to meet every...

Tokeya Graham and Keilani Graham

Tokeya Graham (48) shares a conversation with her daughter, Keilani Graham (23), about the way the pandemic has shifted their relationship, as well as their understanding of personal creativity. They also discuss living authentically while centering autonomy.

Thomas Warfield and Michael Warfield

Brothers Michael Warfield (56) and Thomas Warfield (59) talk about growing up together, their family dynamic, and lessons they learned from their parents. Thomas reflects on finding out about his adoption in his 30s, and Michael talks about his experience...