Steve Desroches and Donna Duffy

Steve Desroches (47) and Donna Duffy (72) talk about their shared alma mater Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and Duffy's experiences as a woman pursuing an education and career in the 1970s.

Mourning A Virtual Man I Never Met In The Real World

Through the lenses of Virtual Reality, I and so many others were affected by the personality and love by a man we knew on the internet known as “Glaide.” Who as a shiba dog in a virtual world, touched our...

Stuart Williams chats with Marlena Rice

Stuart chats with multi-talented Marlena about growing up in Newfoundland, her indigenous heritage, playing the banjo, living in Calgary and her perspectives on the church.

Todd Gulley and Stuart Williams

Todd Gulley (48) talks with Stuart Williams about his mother and about ministry in Calgary, Alberta.