Michelle Zhang & Zhenjin Han: China to the United States

Michelle Zhang and her mom discuss her life in China, as well as her journey moving from China to the United States and the difficulties she faced along the way.

A talk with Duong

A conversation about Duong’s family, background and coming to the USA

Interview W/ Grandpa & Father

I asked my grandfather some questions, which my dad answered some.

A Tale of a Beloved Great-Grandmother

In this interview, I(13) am interviewing Esther Ang(77), my grandma on November 23, 2018. We are talking about her mother, and her accomplishments in her life before she died at the age of 101. Esther shares stories of how her...

Story Corps project

Me and my math teacher sitting down and listen to each other’s story.

What a full life.

I interviewed my grandma and she told me about her full life and all of the adventures and memories in it.