A Different Time

I interview my grandpa about his life growing up in a quieter time yet facing threats like the Cold War, fear of World War III, and other events like the Cuban Missile Crisis

Meet My Great Uncle

In this interview, Camille and her Great Uncle Patrick discuss his culture and family for a school project. He shares his experience growing up in China, immigrating to America, and how it shaped him. Patrick also ends the interview by...

Ahnika Beltz and Pareena Ponniah – 4/18/2024

Ahnika Beltz (20) talks with her friend, Pareena Ponniah (20) about her religion and ethnicity while growing up and in today's life.

Recording – 04-10-2024 22:55:02

interviewing my mom about her immigration process.

Megan McKew LHP

Interview with my great aunt about immigrating from China in 1950s.

Susan Johnstad and Romero Robbins

One Small Step conversation partners Susan Johnstad (55) and Romero Robbins (62) have a conversation about how the places they grew up in impacted their lives, losing their sisters and being known, and the stories behind their ideas about patriotism.

Wei Styer and Emily Hines

One Small Step conversation partners Wei Styer (31) and Emily Hines (64) have a conversation about feeling disenchanted by the news media and social media, Richmond's relationship to its past, and the growing parental outrage evident in politics.