Civic Engagement Using Stories – My family’s life in China during WW2

In this interview, 15 year old Eric Chu interviews his 62 year old father, Bill Chu. They discuss what happened to Bill’s side of the family during World War 2 in China, when they still lived there. Then in the...

LHP w/ My Grandpa

My grandpa talked about his life in China when he was little and showed photos of his family, ranging from the 1940s to early 2000s (there was a lot).

Christine Gilbert, Julien Jourdan, and Iryna Lymar

Friends Christine Gilbert (34), Julien Jourdan (38), and Iryna Lymar (36) discuss their favorite memories of each other, and Iryna talks about giving birth to her and Julien's daughter Nora.

Extra good for you & America (extra credit)

On today’s episode, I dig deep with Paul Morales about religion, his life as a missionary, young childhood upbringing, and so much more.

From Wuxi to the Pacific Northwest

Marie Baraldi, 36, interviews her husband Ralph Hua, 40. Ralph reflects on growing up in China (please note, the story about his dog in the beginning might be disturbing to listeners) and his August 2022 diagnosis with ALS.

Growing up and parenting

Andy asks his dad (Brian) about his life story and why he made some decisions that he did.

Moses Enter and Nadine

Moses Enter talks with Nadine about her thoughts on China, the Chinese government, and Western nations.

Interview with Baoxia Liu by James Huang

Baoxia Liu was born in Beijing, China and came to the United States in 1997, and she became a US citizen with two children. The interviewer is her 16 year old son, James Huang. She talked about her childhood, lessons...