Macy and Faith- December 5, 2023

Faith discusses growing up with parents of different races, spirituality, and traditions celebrated throughout her life.

Mother growing up in Colombia

My mother Alcira (56) and I Vanessa (18) discussed about how and when she got to the U.S. We also talked about her funny, wild and interesting life when she was growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia!

my fathers journey

my father a Jorge Zapata-Diaz a immigrant talks about when he came to America. he talks about how he came, who helped and what made it hard to leave. Jorge also gives some good advice to any other people thinking...

Interview with Abuela

I am 18 years old and Esperanza Ruiz is 75 years old. Esperanza is my grandma and we talked about her childhood, her proudest accomplishments, and how my abuelo and her met.

Interview with Juliana Chavarro

Interview was with Juliana Chavarro, age 19, and Daniela Semino, age 18. Semino was the interviewer and Chavarro was the Interviewee. They have been best friends since 7th grade, 6 years. In the interview they discuss childhood, school, and mental...

David Perdomo and Sarah Gibson

David Perdomo (24) talks with his sister, Sarah Gibson (33), about becoming an uncle, growth, and his creative goals.

Deborah DiazGranados and Blair Grossman

One Small Step partners Deborah "Debbie" DiazGranados (48) and Blair Grossman (59) discuss religion, community, and their lived experiences of exclusion.

Manu’s Life

Throughout the interview, I asked my girlfriend about her life experiences that were the most significant during her life. And, I also made sure to ask about how different her life was in Colombia compared to the life she has...