Courtney McNeil and Leslie McGowan

Courtney McNeil (45) speaks with her mother Leslie McGowan (73) about childhood memories, her family background, and her experiences as a working mother.

One Perspective on Failure – 09-02-2023 23:35:44

Fadi Aoun is 52 years young. After getting some background information, we discussed failure and what it means to him. Finally, he talked through what he would do in a situation where his biggest failure would be committed.

Michael Sullivan and Jimmy Aschkar

One Small Step partners Michael Sullivan (70) and Jimmy Aschkar (29) discuss their relationship to Wichita, the decision to become a parent, and the intersection between politics and small business.

The Journey to the West

I, James Kertenian(17), interview my father Peter Kertenian, about his experiences and journey form Lebanon to America.

Lizette Rohana and Diana [No Name Given]

Best friends and soul sisters Lizette "Liz" Rohana (38) and Diana [No Name Given] (34) share a conversation about their friendship, their Lebanese roots, and their deep love for one another.

Rami Safa interviewing Hussein Safa(Rami Safa’s Dad/My Dad)

This interview contains me(Rami Safa: 16 years old) interviewing Hussein Ahmed Safa(My Dad, 49 years old). This interview contains conversation with my Dad(Hussein) and also talks about his childhood, people important to him, lessons important to him, and basically how...