LHP Interview – Brandon

My mom talks about politics and economic conditions in Mongolia

Colonel Terry Derouchey’s Military Career

In this interview, Colonel Terry DeRouchey discusses his time at West Point and some of the highlights of his military career. He served in the United States Military for 35 years.

Remembering Patrick

Interview with my mom to remember my brother Patrick who disappeared climbing a mountain in Mongolia.

Story about me

We talked about our past and future. Please enjoy our conversation.

Uyanga J. Irvin

We talked about my moms childhood and the schools shes attended, the lessons she's learned, and words of advice she has for future generations.

Dancing to Prince

Everyone Alex Head meets wonders about his British accent, it's the first thing they notice. Yet who would have thought a British born, American citizen with two kids would end up spending a large portion of his life in Asia?...