Susanne Vest and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

Susanne Vest (84) talks with [No Name Given] [no age given] about the many places she has lived throughout her childhood, memories from World War II, and her life since settling in Utah.

The tempestuous trio

Three sisters from the harsh Midwest, growing up in a time when you needed to rely on each other. They embody the strengths and weaknesses of their time and in their place.

Foster James

I interviewed my grandma about what her life was like as a kid and about some of the things she was proud of.

Blair GreyBull and Jey Born

Blair Greybull AKA Purple Lace (73) talks to new friend and conversation partner Jey Born (45) about her journey to self-acceptance as a Transgender woman and her memories growing up on the Standing Rock Reservation.

Barb Bernardy Rose and Harris Mills

One Small Step partners Harris Mills (76) and Barb Bernardy Rose (68) talk about social justice, their political views, and what they enjoy about living in Cook County, Minnesota.