A deep dive in my dad’s mind

I sat with my dad and talked about a rollercoaster of things, we touched basses on the experience he had raising three children and even went in depth with his experience when it comes to picking his career

What Being a Flight Attendant is Like After 9-11

I talked to my mom about what it was like being a flight attendant immediately after 9-11. I asked her seven question about what it was like.

Story Time With Grandpa

This interview was my Grandpa Fidel telling the story of how he came to America & how he had an American Dream. In the interview he talks about all of the hopes & dreams he had before coming to America....

My little brother

Today I interviewed my little brother and he talked about some of his favorite memories.

Interviewing Project

We have talked about her life and her opinions about things and all about the history of her life.

my dads is my bestfriend!

Nelson Segura-Núñez in Lucy Segura-Moon’s father. This interview is about his life growing up in the country of Chile and moving to the U.S.