Monique "Muffie" Mousseau and Felipa DeLeon-Mousseau

Wives, Monique "Muffie" Mousseau (54) and Felipa DeLeon (53), reflect on their love story; the night they met, the hardships they've faced, and the examples they've set as an out two-spirit couple in tribal communities of South Dakota. They discuss...

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau and Monique Mousseau

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau (53) speaks with her wife, Monique "Muffie" Mousseau (55), about their love story, and the fights they have had to stand through as a result of their same-sex relationship, both on and off the Pine Ridge Reservation. They...

Madonna Thunder Hawk and Savannah Winchester

Madonna Thunder Hawk (82) tells new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Savannah Winchester (31) about her childhood and experiences in government boarding schools. She remembers an early calling to protect for the more vulnerable around her. Madonna speaks about the basic...

Ellen White and Chuck Squier

Friends Ellen White (65) and Chuck Squier (70) come together to remember Ellen's experience growing up in South Dakota and a particular road trip with her father.

Shalako Powers and Chaitna Sinha
September 8, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Chaitna Sinha (44) and Shalako Powers (44), talk about their family histories, the paradoxes and hypocrisies of political beliefs and about the pressures and concerns of raising daughters in these times.

Denise Keegan and Duane Nycz

Denise Keegan (71) and her friend Duane Nycz (62) share a conversation about their bartending and restaurant careers, their families, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Soap Lake, WA, the city that they both call home.

On the Shoulders of Strong Pioneer Women

Dottie White, 96, recalls her memories of women and their large families homesteading in Wyoming and South Dakota at the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th Centuries. These pioneer women were creative and resourceful in establishing their...

Reflections of B. Deloris Jensen, our Danish heritage

95 year old Bernice Deloris Glarborg Jensen reflects on her heritage and growing up. Her parents came over from Denmark, settling in Nebraska and then in Idaho.

Carla Lantz and Dena Lantz

Carla Lantz (49) sits down for a conversation with her wife, Dena Lantz (49), about their deep love and admiration for each other and the challenges they've weathered together.