February 19, 2019
Good News….Companies Returning To Job Fairs

Years ago, the San Jose Mercury used to hold Job Fairs at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It was not unusual for there to be 50 companies attending and space was on a first come-first served basis, and rapidly filled...

Lance corporal William Coleman

Tough lance corporal with determination as his fuel. Was always an supplier.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Interviewing my grandparents about their ideas of success and failure, and where these ideas came from.

Journalism Interview

We discussed my grandma’s life, and what had happened in her past.

Interview with Jeanne Ross

The interview consisted of me learning a lot about my grandma that I didn’t know before.

Story unfolding

Daughter talking to her mother about life before and after kids.

Great Holiday Listen with my Mamaw

A small chat with my grandma about her life. We talked about my dad (her son), my grandpa and how they met, and other topics.

Interviewing my aunt

We talked about her childhood and what she did for fun. We also talked about her relationship life.