December 11, 2018 app
Makada Young: Odd student of the Governors School of the arts

In this interview Makada talks about an experience she encountered with the application process and her time spent during her time at the Governors School of the Arts. She recalls how was it like as a student who intertwined from...

December 10, 2018 app
The Evolution of a Man

I interviewed Albert Rice to talk about one of his life changing moments.We talked about how it changed him and how it benefited his everyday life, etc.

December 10, 2018 app
My Interview with my Uncle, John Kuzmik

I interview my uncle John Kuzmik for The Great Thanksgiving Listen about his life and experiences.

December 10, 2018 app
I Believe Moment

Paul Stimson from California was adopted and join the Military after high school. He got station here in Virginia in 1988. His I believe moment was joining the military . The military changed him to be a better man. He...

December 9, 2018 app

Andrew and I talk about his views on politics and his home life growing up

December 6, 2018 app
José Moreria Thanksgiving listening project – Ariana Peña

We talked about some things he went through in life but all in Spanish.

December 6, 2018 app
A Journey with Nagib Arabi through life in America

In this interview made on December 6th 2016 in Chantilly, Virginia, Marwa Arabi (15) interviews her father Nagib Arabi (62) about his life from when he was young up untill now. My father tells story’s about what he did as...

December 5, 2018 app
Katie Edmondson & her grandpa, Roger Duron talking about his childhood

Katie Edmondson and her grandpa talking about his childhood and important life values.