Jonah Story Corp

Identity, faith, and purpose. How Jonah would like to be remembered.

StoryCorps App Review by 1st Time User (…with tangents!)

Self-interview recording my first use impressions of the StoryCorps app after just installing it (Re: facebook convo between John Neidigh and Cedric Baker. [Cedric Baker] I am a direct descendant of slaves from George Washington’s plantation at Mt Vernon. [John...

Jacqueline Whitman interview

Chase Whitman interviews Jacqueline Whitman about the hen she was younger.


I talked about wonderful memories of my family and friends. It was fun to relive the ‘old days’ with my sweet grandson, Huston. Some of the people and stories he had heard about, but I think there were a few...

Interview about the internet and online media with a clinical analyst

This was an interview about the progression and future of the internet and online social media with Pat Moses, a clinical analyst

School interview with my therapist

Me and my therapist talk about what she is thankful/grateful in life