Tony Barker and Michael Starr

Friends and One Small Step partners Tony Barker (58) and Michael Bob Starr (52) discuss their upbringings, shared experiences in the air force, and how they shape their views. Tony defines "civility" and what it means to him in conversations...

Robyn Wertheim and Mary Cooksey

Friends and One Small Step partners Robyn Wertheim (53) and Mary Cooksey (64) talk about their upbringings, their involvement in their communities, and the hope they have for the future.

Brenda Davis and Betty Hukill

Friends and One Small Step conversation partners Brenda Davis (63) and Betty Hukill (65) share first memories of politics and talk about how their education has shaped their beliefs. They discuss current events, such as the changing of confederate monuments...

Mandy Schuman and Merrill Price

OSS conversation partners Mandy Schuman (48) and Shane Price (52) share about their upbringings in Texas, how they have shaped their religious beliefs, and what they hope to see in their community moving forward.

Alesha Burks and Travis Ruiz

OSS conversation partners Alesha Burks (41) and Travis Ruiz (30) talk about their beliefs and when they choose to talk about them with others. They discuss current hot topics in politics and share how they have been perceived based on...

Tim Surles and Mark Viertel

One Small Step partners and friends through community involvement Mark Viertel (60) and Tim Surles (60) talk about some of the experiences that have shaped their beliefs. Both share opinions on LGBTQ+ rights, abortion, and capitalism, and urge people to...

Pat Gottschalk and Catherine Manning

Catherine "Cathy" Manning (76) speaks with her friend Pat Gottschalk (83) about learning how to be peace activists as seniors, and their hopes and disappointments in family relationships.

Tanya Edmonds, Denise Tackett, and Janet Johnson

Friends Tanya Edmonds (46), Denise Tackett (46), and Jan Johnson (37) speak about their relationships working with and receiving assistance from the National WIC association over the past 20 years, and reflect on how it has changed in that time.

Shelly Lanier and Tracy Lasserre

Shelly Lanier (43) talks to her friend Tracy Lasserre (49) about becoming a mom at age 40, being a single parent of a 2-year-old during COVID-19, and how WIC services have helped her.

Robin [no name given] and Bob Friedman

Robin [no name given] (73) speaks with her friend Bob Friedman (72) about the people who were the kindest to them, their dislike for politics, lying and unfairness, and the current political climate.