Ron Sheplar and Jennifer Partida

Ron Shepler (64) talks with his daughter Jennifer Jasmine Partida (40) about growing up poor in rural Michigan, why he became the man of the house at a young age, the value of education, and why he calls himself generation...

John McGovern and Tina McGovern

Jack McGovern (23) talks with his mom Tina McGovern (59) about growing up with Coats disease. Jack and Tina share about Jack's diagnosis, the search for resources, the experience of dealing with doctors and surgeries, and the creation of their...

Chanrita Srey and Jesse Irwin

Chanrita Srey (23) and her boyfriend Jesse Irwin (22) discuss their relationship, their first meeting while studying abroad, and how they have influenced each other. Chanrita, who is Cambodian, and Jesse, who is American, talk about the "international" nature of...

Nand Ahuja and Aman Ahuja

Nand Ahuja (68) talks to his son Aman Ahuja (34) about growing up in India, after his family left Pakistan during the 1947 Partition. He recalls growing up with his siblings, the importance of his education, and the lasting influence...

Archana Deopurkar and Swapnil Deopurkar

Archana Deopurkar (62) talks with her son Swapnil Deopurkar (37) about how she was the first woman in her family and community to go to college and pursue a career. Archana describes her chemistry major in college and teaching youth...

Maya Stein and Sherry Belul

Maya Stein (45) and her friend Sherry Richert Belul (52) celebrate the life of Maya's father, David Stein, who passed away three months earlier. Maya remembers her father's loving, enthusiastic personality and she reflects on how posting online about her...

Lyle Micheli and Amanda Micheli

Lyle Micheli (76) talks to his daughter Amanda Micheli (44) about his extended family, his childhood in Illinois, and his path to Harvard College and Harvard Medical School.

Debbie Riley and Mark Riley

Debbie Riley (61) and her son Mark Riley (25) talk about their relationship over the years, about unconditional love and how she would be her son's harshest critic and biggest fan.

Elias Alba and Terri Alba

Elias Alba (20) shares with his mom Terri Alba (57) about the yearly letters she has written to him since his birth. Elias reads three letters and he and Terri describe the memories from those years as well as what...