Honors AS Immigration project: Then and Now

American studies project about immigration into the US

Immigrant Project

Talks about grandfather from Germany coming to america.

Immigration interview

In this interview I was asking questions to Claudia about immigrating from Brazil

Immigration interview

We basically talked about my mom and her experience of her immigration to this country. To be more specific we talked about all the struggles she went through and all the stuff she had to give up to come to...

Immigration Interview on Ghana

This was an interview about Dr.Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah’s experiences about being an immagrant from Ghana

Immigration Interview

Laura moved to America from Uruguay, and in this video she tells us all about it.

Immigrant Interview

This interview is about my mom and I discussing about her immigration to America and her lifestyle.

Dylan Ashcroft American Studies Immigration Interview

Interview on the experiences of my grandfather growing up as an Italian-American

Ava McDonald- Immigration interview

Interviewing my grandfather on my moms side about his time immigrating from New Brunswick Canada and what it was like

Dario recalls life as an immigrant.

40 years after migrating across the border from Mexico to California, Dario Perfecto is a successful purchasing manager in Davis, CA, with a loving family of 5. He’s sat down with his son to reminisce on his childhood, growing up...

Interview with Mexican Immigrant

This interview with a Mexican immigrant covers his story coming to the United States and his views of Immigration now

Julia Kropinova Immigration Interview

Kropinovas lifechanging experience of immigrating away from Russia in the 90s

Kirsten’s immigration to the u.s

Kirsten describes her journey from Germany to the u.s and also gives us a peek into her daily life.

American Studies Immigration Interview

An immigrant from Brazil was asked questions regarding the reasons that he moved.

Greek immigration interview

In this interview Katherine Christy answers questions about her life as an immigrant from Greece.

Part 2

Great grandfather coming to America

Immigration Interview
October 6, 2019 App Interview

First hand story of immigration to America

Family Immigration

Story about my families immigration