Women’s History – Interview

Role models from the past, current activities, personaly experience of historical events.

Ilona Nanay talks to her mom, Julia Nanay, about coming to the U.S. and becoming a mom
September 18, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in September 2019, Ilona Nanay interviews her mom, Julia Nanay, about her experiences fleeing Hungary after the revolution in 1956 and starting a new life in the United States. She describes the values her parents taught...

A Filipino mother’s journey to the US.

In this interview we talk about my mom’s life in the Philippines and all the trials and tribulations she went through during all stages of her life, from graduating college, to getting a job and moving to the US, and...

Ali Taşdemir: my dad’s story

Political awareness, childhood anecdotes, and complex philosophy discussed with the most interesting man in the world (babacım)

Interview with Hortensia Marchini

During this interview we discussed my grandmothers life. She talked about her experiences and development through rough times!

Revolution and War: Iranian Experience

Inteview with Omid Ordoubadi and his grandparents, Saeed and Heidi Ordoubadi. Discussed Iranian Revolution, War and the effects on their family.

My Dad and Iran

My dad is from Iran and had first-hand experience with the revolution that took place in 1979. He has many stories and many opinions on the life there and decided to leave the country when he was 23.