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Amelia Raymond and Marilyn Raymond

Amelia Raymond talks with Marilyn Raymond about the affects of the 9/11 tragedy on her life. This conversation is a part of The Shakerite’s Generations Podcast Project.

William DeFreese (17) and his grandfather, Don DeFeese, (79) talk about the unique life William’s grandfather has lived and US history.

William DeFreese interviews his grandfather, Don DeFreese, who grew up on a farm in Florida and worked at a paper mill as his profession. William conducted the interview in Calera, Alabama, on November 22, 2018. Don DeFreese recalls his childhood,...

Robert MacDonald and Dylan MacDonald – Eyewitness Account of 9/11

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Robert MacDonald (57) talks with his son, Dylan MacDonald (23) about living in the neighborhood of the Twin Towers, witnessing them fall, and fleeing to New Jersey with a then-3-year-old Dylan.