Tara Dhungana's Food Story

Former Bhutanese refugee Tara Dhungana discusses his food culture and the challenges of adapting to available foods and cooking practices in the U.S. This interview is part of Westerville Public Library's Westerville Voices project.

Culture with my mom

About adapting to new American culture from Mexico, illegal immigration.

Persevering Through Sudden Hearing Loss: The Resilient Story of Mary Jo Stanley

Nikki Gefteas interviews her new friend Mary Jo Stanley about her experience with sudden hearing loss and how being faced with a life altering event has taught her how to adapt. In this interview, Mary Jo discusses her experience with...

William Kirst and Maggie Halpern discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

William and Maggie discuss what a neighborhood near M-14 could look like in 2030, when neighbors come together to exercise their power and make the neighborhood better able to face the climate crisis.

Covid Experiences as College/High School Students

We talk about where and what we were doing when we heard the news if the first shut down. Then we talk about the vaccine, booster, illness, school, and everything else that covid has affected for us.

Bonita Vestal and Sarah Barber

Bonnie Vestal (75) and her daughter Sarah Barber (43) reflect on how Bonnie’s career as a pediatric oncologist influenced Sarah and her brother’s upbringing and their hopes for the future.

Nancy and I talked about her unique childhood Part1

I interviewed Nancy Alvarez about her childhood, how she adapted to a new country and other personal questions.

Brian Russie and Shelby Alston discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Shelby Alston (22) interviews her roommate (23) about what actions were needed in order to achieve the goal of carbon emission neutrality within his community and how it affected his life. They touched on the topic of consumerism and the...

Entrevista a Maria Nova (hondureña) desde la ciudad de Nueva York

En está entrevista estuvimos hablando sobre la historia de inmigración de Maria nova (20, Honduras) y como fue el proceso de adaptación en este nuevo país con la barrera de idioma y el cambio cultural

Immigrating to the United States

Rosa Ortega describes her experience immigrating to the United States. One of her main reasons to move to the United States was for the low-income situation in Mexico. She describes her difficulties when she first comes to the United States,...

Our Family’s Journey of Hope

Brookelyn talks with her mother about their family history with a focus on her mom’s immigration from Vietnam to the U.S.

A Vignette of Vietnam

My name is Peter Tran and I interviewed my mother Kate Phan. We discuss my mother's relatioship between Vietnam and America throughout her past more than 40 years. She recalls the difficult life she had growing up and the opportunity...

Thanksgiving Interview :)

My mom, being a first generation immigrant to the United States, spent a lot of her life living around the world, which brought challenges and obstacles that she had to tackle. She describes her childhood and how the little moments...

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.