Grandpa’s Adopted Story

Talked about how my grandpa was adopted.

How Adoption Changed Our Lives

Interview about how the process of adoption and advice about adoption

The thanksgiving thing

My grandfathers account for the great thanksgiving listen

Sundra Flansburg and Robin Bumbera

One Small Step partners, Sundra Flansburg (63) and Robin Bumbera (60), share about their experience as mothers, what they find important, and how visiting Central American and Caribbean countries have shaped their views about politics and poverty.

A house, a mortgage, 2 kids, then marriage.

John & Marcia become a couple, then through a series of unusual events become the “over fifty year old” parents of Marisa & Corine, sisters ages 8 & 9.

Two Families, One Love
December 2, 2020 App Interview

My aunt Nay Nay was adopted when she was six years old. I sat down with her for an interview to ask her about her experience with not only her biological family, but life with her adoptive family as well.

Kelly Sloane was united with two biological sisters after 50 years of not knowing they existed.

Kelly Sloane, who was adopted, was able to find two biological sisters after not knowing they even existed. Kelly explains how it was crazy to find sisters after fifty years.

Debra McCracken and Zoe McCracken

Debra McCracken (71) and granddaughter Zoe McCracken (20) discuss family values and dynamics, and share about their experiences growing up.

Dymeah Casey and Nicholas Rinehart

Partners Dymeah Casey (29) and Nicholas Rinehart (30) talk about Dymeah's service in the United States National Guard, preconceived notions of military service, and the obstacles of paying for college.

November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview in November 2018 in Mckinney, Texas, Jessica Acosta(15) interviews her grandfather Fred Fink(80) about his life. He talks about his childhood and about how he met his wife and adopted his children.

“April 17th is your Gotcha Day”

In this recording I, Laren Barrett, sit down in my kitchen in Egg Harbor Township, NJ on November 26, 2018 with my mom and dad as they talk about the careers they’ve had growing up and what they remember about...

Who you are today

We talked about our adoption day and lessons learned in life.

Our adoption story

We discuss how we became a family.

Grace and her mom talk about their adoption journey

Grace and her mom discuss the adoption process, memories of when Grace was young, and her overall childhood.