Sharing the gift of life

Sarah shares her struggles about hiding her teen pregnancy and her experience with adoption

Adoption: Mom’s Side

A bit about how I was first adopted, from my mother’s point of view.

My life story

Archer coming to the United States

Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project for my APUSH class. Talked to my mom about her life and me.


Today I interviewed my grandfather about them adopting me.

“It’s like getting a PhD in humanity”

an interview with my mom about our lives and what makes living this human life valuable.

Kym Klapperich and Roger Thompson

Kym Klapperich (57) interviews her friend Roger Thompson (72) about his experience in Vietnam, what it was like being a prisoner of war, and the people he met who changed his life.

Who are my grandparents?

Sydney Joles (15) asked her mother, Cynthia Wray (52) what it was like to be adopted.

Trip to Philippines

Trip to Philippines. What it’s like in the Philippines and the shelter.

Margaret Watson and Kent Watson

Dr. Margaret Watson (77) and Kent Watson (81) talk about their childhood and what brought them together. They discuss topics related to education, life and family.

Paul Chignell

I interviewed my father. It was really interesting to hear about his family history. I also loved hearing about his childhood because he has never told me about it. I learned a lot of new things about him and I...

Summary – The Adopted Cardiac Electrophysiologist, by Megan Bush

A summary of Glenn’s narrative surrounding his adoption, upbringing, his mother and father’s parenting style, and the interplay of heredity and environment in his life.

Dolores Johnson talks about having a member of her family be adopted and how she feels this affects her and her family.

Dolores Johnson talks about the adopted member of her family and her opinions on the effects of the adoption. This interview was conducted face to face, and it follows a series of questions concerning Dolores's opinions on how the adoption...

Ben Hart and Peg Hart

Benjamin "Ben" Hart (35) interviews his mother, Peg Hart (67), about motherhood, adoption, and the art of conversating.

Life in Wales

I talk to my grandma about growing up in Wales and her life and also about the adoption of my mother.

Dana H.

I talk to a family friend about her life and her impact on mine

Immagrant interveiw

The immagrant interview was like a interveiw that I had to question a immagrant about his life

Robert Pavlik and Vince Gonzalez

One Small Step Conversation partners Robert "Bob" Pavlik (60) and Vince Gonzalez (43) talk about their families, political beliefs and division in our country.

Interview with my Mom 6/9/21

My mom shares some happy memories from her past. And offers some sage advice.


My mom briefly talks about her childhood being adopted and then her experience as a mother.