We talked about mainly his childhood along with his work career.

My Grandmother’s Jobs — Teacher

In this interview, I asked my grandmother how she got to her job as a teacher and what jons she wanted before. She also explained what the jobs were like, and what her favorite was. At the end, she provided...

A Father Son Talk

A son interviews his father about his life experiences and how pride, lessons, reflection, legacy, and advice all shaped and guided him to success. The conversation is filled with numerous valuable takeaways that can be applied by anyone. As well...

"We need to figure out how to best manage the planet for all who live here." an interview with Anne Douglass

Nearing the end of her career, Anne Douglass, at NASA Godard Space Flight Center, has provided the scientific community with a better understanding of the ozone layer that protects us all from ultraviolet radiation. Anne describes the energy that it...

"The sun is a terrifying and beautiful laboratory of which we know only a little [about]." an interview with Sabrina Savage

Sabrina Savage builds instrumentation for solar physics and studies solar flares at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The technology she helps create delivers the most high-resolution pictures of the sun anyone has ever seen. In a society more dependent upon...

Zelinn Fiore and her grandma, Irene Beatriz Mejia, talk about Irene’s childhood.

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Mckinney Texas, Zelinn Fiore (14) interviews her grandma Irene Beatriz Majia about her childhood and growing up in the U.S. Irene talks about her family and her childhood. She also talks about school...


My mother adopted me when she was 43. I am 31 now and realize the generational difference between each other and this interview is the first of more to come

An interview with my mom

We talked about my mom's life as a child and how she made it to where she is now. She talks about the values of life and experiences that she wanted to share.

Nicole Park and her cousin Grace Cho talk about growing up and the hardships of life in Roslyn, New York.

This interview was conducted in Roslyn, NY on 11/26/2017. Nicole Park (16) interviews her cousin Grace Cho (24). They talk about Grace Cho’s childhood and how she grew up. Grace Cho shares her experience with her mother’s death and how...

The Harmony of 62 Years of Marriage: Advice to Millennials

A granddaughter and daughter ask about marriage, love, and family from a couple who have been married nearly 62 years.

Moms past

In this interview I learned more about my mom’s past. She also talked about the good and bad memories she’s had in her life.

Life Lessons 101

My dad gives me some life lessons and tells me about his experience as a parent.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017- Mother to Daughter Experience

I️ am talking to my mother about her experiences in life. Talking about her childhood, career, her children, and what she is proud of and knowledgeable in life for.

College Success Interview
December 7, 2022 App Interview

Today I interviewed my fiancé, Jaiden Thompson. He’s 21 years old and currently going through the nursing program at TCC. This interview mainly talks about the path he took to get into the program and why he chose the degree...


Life Lessons, advice and other shenanigans.

Defining moment

We talked about defining moments that make Mr. Lamp who he is and experiences that changed and affected him.

THTR 3310

I decided to interview my dad because he always has stories to tell his family. He’s been one of our biggest inspirations to fight for our goals.