Great thanksgiving listen

We talked about her life while she was growing up.

Healthy Aging

Interviewing Cecile Rundlett, a current nurse, about aging gracefully.

growing up
December 2, 2019 App Interview

Talked about her life and how it has changed and how it had been growing up through out her life

Interview with a Nurse about aging.

Interview with my colleague at Sheppard Pratt as she is preparing to retire.

Nancy shares stories that lead her to a life philosophy of "if now now, when?"

Nancy lives in San Francisco for her everyday life because of the beauty, diversity, and accessibility, but her soul belongs to the cabin in MN that's been in her family for decades. She shares stories on family, values, and planning...

Creativity for a Lifetime Project

I talked with Evelyn about her creativity through her lifetime as she led me through her stories of being an art teacher, a musician, and a healing practitioner.

Praying at the Piano

Paulist Father Ricky Manalo's main ministry is music. But he's also a teacher at Santa Clara University, and around the world, about liturgy and culture. He writes reflections in the devotional book "Give Us This Day." Fr. Ricky is of...

My mom’s interview

Her childhood and experiences growing up

Interview with Dick Aberley

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren

Getting Old

A mother and daughter talk about aging, getting older, growing up.

Interviewing a mother about her life and experiences.

Isabelle Haahr interviews her mother (Kristina Haahr) about her life and experiences. Kristina talks about the lessons she has learned in life, and from her family. As well as some of the most important memories in her life. Finally some...

Sue Kelly and Hallie Tischendorf
November 25, 2020 OSS Hub

In their One Small Step conversation, Sue Kelly (48) and Hallie Tischendorf (20) talk about their different perspectives on politics due to their age and relationship to other generations.

Karen Gasche and Marcia Aubineau

Karen Gasche (75) speaks with her opera teacher Marcia Aubineau (71) about her love of the opera. Together they share memories of their opera class, and reflect on the beauty and power of the art form.

Millicent and Zion Cash

This was an interview conducted by myself (Zion) with my “elder” for a class project. This interview discusses aging and a few key takeaways along the way. My interviewer is very special to me, she is my mom.

Interview mom

Discussed what she has enjoyed in her life

Hailey (17) interviewing Crystal (Mom, 39)
November 27, 2017 App Interview

l got a brief overview of what life was like when she was growing up. l got to know another side of my grandparents, her life and how it has changed, and how she became who she is today.

Jeff’s interview with g-ma

We talked about all that happened as my grandma grew up.

Anthony and Kenneth DeMarco

Growing up in the city of Chicago, going off to college, and raising kids.