A conversation with a friend

An interview with a woman who has been in my life for a long time

Interview with Pap!

Today I got the opportunity to interview my pap! We covered things from when he was a kid to now. Things he did in the navy and when he was a police officer and some of his memories! We also...

The Great Thanksgiving listen: My Mother’s Story

My mother tells her story about what it was like growing up and life lessons she’s learned along her journey in this world.

Me And My Dad

I usually dont actually sit down and talk with my dad, but now that i have, i regret not siting down and talking to him.

Almost 100

Roy Jones is about to turn 98. May Rose, his youngest granddaughter at age 28 takes an opportunity to hear her grandfather's reflections on life at their most recent family reunion in Montana.

Tom Johnson and Ariel Lavery

New Years Eve 2018: Interview between my dad and me in my parent's Colorado Mountain House. We talk about memories of early times establishing a career in research and academia as well as project into the future of his illness...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Quick Interview with my Uncle (not by blood) Conrad

Ed Kowalchuk of Fairfield County, CT and Beth Moeller for the Griswold Resilience Project: Achieving Moonshots

Beth Moeller sat down with Ed Kowalchuk just after the Space X Dragon Launch to discuss lessons learned from immigrant parents, his own immigration to the US from Canada, a career at IBM including little known back room experiences from...

Sommers- Fran

We talked about her life and what she was like growing up. There are many more questions as well.

My Grandma’s Story

We talked about her childhood and her life in America

Brian Scott-Smith and Doctor Anthony Fauci talk about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021

British journalist, Brian Scott-Smith talks with Doctor Anthony Fauci about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021 and how it impacts those living and aging with the disease. The interview was recorded for the news podcast - Connecticut East This Week and...

Aging well in Life

Aging and the angst of the process are universal voyages .

My Grandma

I, David Norman, interviewed my grandma, Anne Shearer. I asked her questions about her life and about her memories.