An interview with my father John Pack

My dad and I talk about food and agriculture throughout his lifetime

HI 360 thanksgiving assignment

We discussed food traditions and how things have changed since he was a kid.

Agricultural History

Talked about how Agriculture has changed throughout time.

Interview with Zachary

Zachary and I discussed topics involving a new look into agriculuture, possible opprotunites as well organic agriculuture.

Interview with dad

In this interview my dad talks about farming from his childhood. He was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and farmed with his family in the early part of his life. He talks how different agriculture was back then and how...


Discussed several topics relating to past, current, and the future of agriculture.

HI360 Thanksgiving Oral History Interview

I talk to my grandfather about what life was like living and working on a farm in the 1960s.

HI 360 Thanksgiving Oral Interview

A little over a fifteen minute interview with my Papaw, my grandpa on my father’s side of the family, about his agricultural career from his childhood all the way up until present day in the afternoon on Saturday November 30th...

“What gets my juices flowing is connecting the science to an actual mission.” an interview with Brad Doorn

Brad Doorn’s, Water Resources and Agriculture Applied Science Program NASA, work includes forecasting the global food supply, including warnings and predictions about possible problems that might arise due to water supply shortages which can inform global market prices. While the...

HI360 Thanksgiving Interview with my father

This was a quick story about my father side of the family. We talk mostly about their history of farming.

Thanksgiving Report

We talked about her family history with agriculture and how her major ties into food science

Nick Best talks about agriculture in his own words

Nick Best talked with me about agriculture and surrounding topics with me for this interview.

KS FFA Project 2028 – Bob Edwards

In this interview, Bob Edwards discussed his memories from FFA and agricultural education. Bob was an FFA member from 1944 to 1948 in the Emporia FFA Chapter.

Rural Roots, Small Farms & Local Food with Colette DePhelps

Rural Roots, Inc. has had a wide and diverse impact on small farms and local food systems on the Palouse and in the Inland Northwest. Community-based and farmer-grown, this nonprofit organization has played a significant role in changing the local...

Grandma’s memories of thanksgiving and gardening

Disscussion of family history with a focus on agriculture and Thanksgiving, leading into a discussion of current traditions and my family’s relationship to agriculture.

Grandaddys Thanksgiving interview

Grandaddy talks about gardening, Thanksgiving, and wonders around different topics.

Thanksgiving Interview

Ag history interview with my grandmother, Elizabeth Morris.

Agriculture through the years

An interview with my parents, Scot and Gina Brown, about Thanksgiving and their involvement with agriculture.

Interview with Grandpa

In my interview I ask my grandpa many questions about his life. Some of the questions I asked him included his life growing up,how him and grandma met, about my dad and how he was as a child. We also...

Pollard Farming, Gardening, and Cooking Heritage

I interviewed my grandparents Hicks and Kathryn Pollard. We discussed farming and gardening in the years my grandparents were growing up, and how it has changed over time. We also discussed what practices/techniques my grandparents still use, and how agriculture...

Eastern NC Farming

Within this interview, my grandfather and I talked about his life growing up and connection to agriculture, especially tobacco.

How Sources of Thanksgiving Foods Have Changed Over Time.

My father and I discuss how foods eaten at Thanksgiving has changed since he was a kid and where those foods came from.