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Chase Painter and David Winstead

Chase Painter (33) interviews his coworker David Winstead II (41) about his experiences living with Asperger’s and overcoming nerves surrounding public speaking. The two talk about David’s podcast, Tuesdays For Tomorrow, as well as his work at the organization ARCA.

Andrea Weahkee and Michael Langford

Andrea Weahkee (41) and Michael Langford (61) reflect on their time together at the ARCA rehabilitation facility and emphasize the importance of kindness, positivity, and gratitude.

Jennifer Thorne-Lehman and Toni Benton

Friends and colleagues Jennifer Thorne-Lehman (62) and Dr. Toni Benton (59) share a conversation about services for people with disabilities in New Mexico and their work in helping to expand those services. The two also talk about the importance of...

Felix Madrid and Cecile Evola

Friends Felix Madrid (60) and Cecile Evola (65) share a conversation about their memories together, their time at the organization ARCA, and what it means to be a good friend.