interview with my sister

I interview my sister Kayla gonzalez she is 20 years old and I asked her about her journey and future and how she started being an artist

Samantha Gilgan & Lisa Gilgan

Samantha Gilgan (19) interviews her mother, Lisa (51) about living through important events, counting your blessings while living through a pandemic, and the importance of art and music in a time like this.

Healthy Habits

Talking about healthy habits we currently have and ones we can in relation to art.

Interview with my Grandpa

I spoke with my grandpa about his childhood, career, and what it is like working with his son; my dad!

Meet New Jersey's Decoy Carver of the Year, Nancee Jo Luciani!

Join Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck as she interviews Nancee Jo Luciani, the New Jersey Decoy Collector & Carver Association's Carver of the Year for 2023, and the first female carver in the history of the organization! Nancee Jo has not...

Bob Short discusses his life philosophy and how he began creating art.

89 year old Bob Short relays the meaning behind some of his art pieces while imparting his life philosophy.

Teresa Nguyen and Syed Rahman

Friends Teresa B. Nguyen (37) and Syed "Tanveer" Rahman (40) discuss their love lives and what they appreciate about one another as friends.

Week 3 – Story Corps

Interviewing Michelle Herbert about teaching and the moments in here life which brought her to the classroom.

Sink or swim: the making of an artist

Talking with a young ambitious Artist who made the decision on not returning to school. On the mission to furfill he goal of being an established artist making his living on doing what he loves, Art.

Interview assignment

Greg and I talked about the type of art he creates and where he gets his ideas from

Yearbook 7th hour Final Interview

I talked to Shelly Zimbelman who is an artist who creates paintings, coasters, leggings, trays, and more! It inspired her to start her own buisness and she talks about the steps it took her to get where she is today....

The interview of Lilianna Fincher

In this interview Liliana talks about her life in Italy and describes many different Italian features.

Justin Interviews Mike on the Power of Woodcarving

Justin Huynh interviews Mike Davison about his passion for woodcarving, what exactly he has found most meaningful in his art, and how woodcarving all relates back to his veteran background and life experiences.

Master Opal’s Story
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Justin Clark’s instructor, Master Opal Harbert, shares her story. She explains how she got up to this point, how she progressed, and her tactics on teaching kids in need.

Mom’s Gilded Face and Hands

Inspired by Michael Pajon, The man with the Gilded Face, a 2014 mixed-media collage on an antique book cover; a woman reflects on the strength her mother had raising her siblings and her at a young age on her own.

The Sound of Chapman

Morgan Chapman explains his life, love of animation, and goals.

Carlton Highsmith and James Brockington

Carlton Highsmith (70) and his mentee, James Brockington (31), talk about entrepreneurship and the Edward A. Bouchet Scholarship. James talks about the Tia Russell Dance Studio and the work he and his wife are doing in Connecticut to teach young...