We talked about Makayla’s childhood, her sexuality, and her relationship with her parents.


We talked about what she wanted to be when she grows up. We also talked about what her favorite hobby is.

Interview with my Father

Interview with my father about his childhood and the major events that have helped shape him into the person he is today.

Joyce Hollobaugh talks about her life experiences and passion for helping people with her interests in medicine.

My mother, Joyce Hollobaugh, discusses how her life experiences competing in volleyball and softball and her career in respiratory therapy has made her the person she is today. As she discusses her experiences, my mother describes all the important life...

Linda Watley Norris and Pearl Watley Mitchell

Sisters, Linda Watley Norris (73) and Pearl Watley Mitchell (78), describe what it was like growing up in Columbus, GA, reminisce about the fun times they had as children, and remember family members who have passed away.

The athletic life of a teenager.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

This interview is about someone’s athletic experience as a teenager and growing up in general.

Old Coach Keeps On Coaching

The Guinness World Record holder Elan Buller, was interviewed my Luca España on November 17th 2017. Elan Buller had once been the elementary school physical education coach for Luca, between his 1st and 6th grade years. Luca and Buller became...

My Dads Athletic Career

I interviewed my father Alan 64 on his athletic career growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Gianna Dreher interviewing her grandfather Robert Dreher. “Family is everything.”

During this interview, for The Great Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my grandfather, Robert Dreher. The main topics of conversation were his childhood, his family, school, his life as a teenager, and his baseball career. I got to learn more about...

My Aunt’s Nursing Journey

November 26, 2020, recorded in the Bay Area, California by Sophia Goyena; I interview my aunt, Rose Castro, on her journey to becoming a nurse, and her current experience as a nurse- as well as some career and nursing advice.

A Grand Slam into the Hall of Fame: A college athlete's journey from being an average player to an All-American athlete

Daniel Lewis (22) interviews his girlfriend's mother Beth Keller (56), maiden name known as "Finkey," of her experiences on the softball team at Shippensburg University between 1986 - 1989. During the interview, her journey from being an average, country female...

All the way to the top

We talked about what it take to succeed and really be the best there is in sports and what brooke does to get there.

Project for history – Ray and Camp

Camp is a 47 year old banker who works for colonial trust company. He has 3 kids, Camp jr, Asher and Ray. He talks about thing of life, how he was younger and where he works and how he likes...

Liam Mulcaire-Jones and Katie Halloran

Liam Mulcaire-Jones (20) and his sister Katie Halloran (33) talk about their sibling dynamic being that they are 12 years apart in age but share all the love in the world. Liam shares what gifts having Down Syndrome brings him,...