Jiu Won Interviewing Valerie Yang about her life.

This interview was recorded in Detroit Country Day Middle School. The date of this interview was April 16th 2018. I interviewed Valerie Yang. We talked about broad topics about her life. Those topics included, her sisters, her books, and her...

Kelly Rouba and Karen Palazzini

Kelly Rouba (30) talks to her friend Karen Palazzini (30) about learning to become an advocate for other people with juvenile diabetes, and what it’s like to live a normal life with a disability.

Jolee Kennedy and Arlene Levit

One Small Step partners Jolee Kennedy (65) and Arlene Levit (70) discuss their upbringing, their work as nurses, and their concerns over younger generations and climate change.

Novel Recommendations: Ensuring a Complete Education. Mark and Annie Huetteman talk book recommendations and the impact of literary merits.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Annie Huetteman interviews her father, Mark Huetteman, about how literature has played a role in his life. He recommends to her a literary merit to complete her high school education.

Book Talk City of Ashes

about the mortal instruments, city of ashes by cassandra claire

Grandma Jeannine and Her Object of Significance

Colleen interviews her grandmother and learns about her childhood, special memories and an object of significance that was passed down to her.

My Husbands WWII Experience

Talking about my husband, who also wrote a book named “We Kept Them Flying,” about his service experience.

December 12, 2019 App Interview

We talked about all the themes from the book the pearl. We talked about Social oppression, greed, and Conversations we wish we had regret.

Interview with Mairead

Two friends, Mairead and Hannah, talk about a book they are writing together.

Books rather Family

Eva Rhodes had been asked who influenced her the most, rather than saying a family member or friend. She said books and characters in them influenced her the most.

Fred, Ralph and Xaviera talk about growing up running a farm

Fred lives in Parsons House Austin, a retirement community in Texas. On Grandparent's Day 2018 we sat down and talked about his life.

Twin Talk with Tori part 2 (the process of publishing her book)

Tori answers questions about the process she endured writing her book “Life in Holland”. Listen to hear more from published author, Tori and her twin brother with down syndrome, Dylan.

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Matthew Bland interviewed by Zian Lane about his thoughts and ideas on the novel, ‘The Beautiful and Damned.”

Lois Perelson-Gross and Ruth Perelson

Mother and daughter Ruth Perelson [no age given] and Lois Perelson-Gross [no age given] talk about Ruth's 50 year membership at Central Synagogue and her project CLEWS, which was designed to teach members how to observe Shabbat.

Tridad and Amira’s Podcast

Trinity and I talking about the Selection series