Deirdre Sekulic and Bernice Asamoah

Deirdre Sekulic (45) sits down with co-worker Bernice Asamoah (31) to discuss how they came to work with the homeless population, and why the job is meaningful to them.

Kirk is 50

My husband Kirk is 50 and has never liked presents, so I thought this might be a nice gidt

Colton’s interview

This is an interview I did on my mom Kelly. It consists of 15 thouroghly though our questions

Poppy’s Birthday

Ken’s family gathered to celebrate his 65th birthday.

Hallie’s 8th Birthday

A quick discussion with Hallienon her birthday.

Conversation with mom on Thanksgiving and her birthday.

Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in February 2019. This was at the end of the night.

Teddy’s new day, a birthday.

Celebrating my birthday today (and having the day off) and enjoying a day in my beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA

Dad’s 65th

dad’s 65th birthday convo

Opal 93 birthday

Me and my family talking to my grandmother at her 93rd birthday party and telling stories

Betty Douglas’s 98th birthday

Betty’s memories of growing up near the beach, in the years of the Depression

Justine Chapel on her 22 Birthday

Jody speaks with her daughter, Justine, on how it feels to turn 22 and some of her favorite memories and experiences in life thus far.