My 14th birthday

when the power went out on my 14th birthday, it was the most memorable birthday ever.

Chey on his 90th birthday

I'm having a quick interview with my grandpa. He talks briefly about his life, family, and you may hear some Navajo, his native language.

American Children

On the eve of a father’s birthday, he discusses his children’s birthdays and their merit.

Descendants Galore

I give birthday dollars equal to age and a little about my descendants.

Kelly Anderson and Jean Ballantyne Anderson

Kelly Anderson (55) talks with her mother Jean Ballantyne Anderson (86) about her childhood, her parents, and their life as a family together.

Grandpa’s Birthday Interview

Today is my grandpa’s 72nd Birthday. To celebrate, I asked him several questions about his life as a kid and teenager and adult. We talked about how he grew up in a small town in the south and how he...

Dad about Annie pt. 1

I interviewed my dad about my youngest sister, Annie. I will give this to her for her 32nd birthday.

Jovan’s Mom

Jovan Gorman-Carter talking about what he loves about his mom, Tracy Gorman.

Taylor turns 13

Celebrating Taylor’s big day!

Bob’s 80th Birthday Wishes

We talked about Bob Curtis and the find memories made with a 60 year friendship

Jessica Museum Memories

Jessica recalls her first museum memories and how it impacted her continued love for and support of cultural institutions to this day

Kate’s 13th Birthday

Each attendee at Kate’s birthday party made a comment about her.

Birthday story

Carol shared a story of her birthday cakes when she was a young girl.

Lawson Leonard Delony III and Lawson Delony

Lawson Leonard Delony III (63) interviews his father, Lawson L. Delony Jr. (92), on his birthday. They also celebrate Lawson Leonard Delony III's 50 year anniversary since first being diagnosed with cancer.

Miles Rumbaugh, 6 years old

Miles Rumbaugh, a 6 year old reflects on life

An interview with my twin sister

An interview with my twin sister about her times in highschool and adventures she’s been on

Entrevista a mi Tio Rafa

Rafael Hernandez Martinez (50)Tío Hablando con Saul vazquez (13) Sobrino