Brock’s 15th Birthday
September 30, 2018 App Interview

Conversation with my youngest son, Joseph Brock DeVorak, a week before his 15th Birthday.

I would have to go with you to your parents to come and visit and do a couple stuff

Kelsita sits down with Princess Diana in an unventilated space within an art gallery to explore memory, prompted by preselected discussion questions.

Justine Chapel on her 22 Birthday

Jody speaks with her daughter, Justine, on how it feels to turn 22 and some of her favorite memories and experiences in life thus far.

Betty Douglas’s 98th birthday

Betty’s memories of growing up near the beach, in the years of the Depression

Opal 93 birthday

Me and my family talking to my grandmother at her 93rd birthday party and telling stories

Sydney’s 80th

Sydney’s 80th birthday reflections.

Toby Chu and Bettina Brownstein

Toby and Bettina talk about their trip to China together to see Toby’s family, and then Bettina talks about her travels around the world as a young child.

Gloria Caro, Mom. 70th Birthday. 1 year after lung cancer diagnosis.

1 year after lung cancer diagnosis, mom talks to me on her birthday about her life when she arrived in the US after coming from Mexico. She visited her first dispensary too!

Practice with partner

Talking about childhood and activities she likes

Jessica Museum Memories

Jessica recalls her first museum memories and how it impacted her continued love for and support of cultural institutions to this day

Chey on his 90th birthday

I'm having a quick interview with my grandpa. He talks briefly about his life, family, and you may hear some Navajo, his native language.

Bob’s 80th Birthday Wishes

We talked about Bob Curtis and the find memories made with a 60 year friendship

Descendants Galore

I give birthday dollars equal to age and a little about my descendants.