Robynn Reilly and Regina [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Robynn Reilly [no age given] and Regina [No Name Given] (53) talk about faith, racial issues in the US, and the importance of communicating across difference. They reflect on finding opportunities to discover and rebuild their...

Charles Kuner and André Pérez

Charles Kuner (77) talks about being a white anti-racist educator in a Chicago high school during the civil rights movement.

Joe Kershaw and Darius Young

Friends and fellow "Rattlers," Darius Young (42) and Joe Kershaw (73), discuss the work Joe's family has done to keep Florida A&M University open, as well as the work Darius now does to preserve the legacy of those who fought...

Frank Surface and Olivia Surface
October 23, 2020 OSS Hub

Frank Surface (65) speaks with his daughter Olivia Surface (21) in a One Small Step conversation. They talk about their individual beliefs and how to move forward together.

Imogene Brooks and Shirley Tarver

Best friends Imogene Brooks (63) and Shirley Tarver (70) reminisce about the good times they have had together throughout their long friendship, describe what it was like growing up on the border of Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL as...

Katie Lee and Nikkilon McCreary

Nikkilon McCreary [no age given] talks with her mom, Katie McCreary Lee (67), about her childhood in Alabama and how she has used purpose, planning and persistence to succeed in life.

Pamela Sulton and Lester Phillips

Pamela Sulton (60) asks her best friend Lester E. Phillips III (95) about his 30 years in the military including his early days in service, his deployment, and being the first Black solider in his unit and Black recruiter in...

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 10: The Power of Sisterhood

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Ms. Celeste Corbitt, the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club 2020 President, Miss Cotillion, and Founder's Award winner.

Sartura Smith and LaTamarah Stackhouse

Sartura Smith (62) talks with her friend LaTamarah "Tammi" Stackhouse (48) about growing up in Tampa, Florida during segregation. She describes Central Avenue, a historic district for black owned businesses, her parents being restaurant owners there, family dinner traditions and...

Linda Hasty and Albert Davis

Friends Linda Hasty (57) and Albert Davis [no age given] discuss the Buffalo Soldiers, their origins, history, and impact today.

Latif Tariq and Lea Zikmund

Latif Tariq (48) shares his experiences as a military service person in the ROTC with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (24). He shares how he decided to join the military, and how his experiences there have shaped his life.

Phillip Thompson and Cherie Buckner Webb

Senator Cherie Buckner Webb (68) and her son Phillip Thompson (43) talk about their family legacy in Idaho, religion and disturbing the peace to create change.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 12: Lessons from HERstory

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, recaps highlights from the Telling HERstory Podcast's first year and shares a few lessons that she has learned from HERstory during this podcasting journey.

Rachel Barnard and John Duval

One Small Step partners, Rachel Barnard (52) and John Duvall (63), discuss privilege and racism. They examine how each of these is reflected in their own life experiences, and John brings some new ways of looking at these concepts to...

Marta Pearson and DeAnna Hadley

Marta Pearson (72) talks with her friend DeAnna Hadley (52) about sympathy, empathy, racism, the pain it causes and the need for African-American stories to be shared. She describes seeing a raw cotton field for the first time, being denied...