Jacqueline Trigg and Louise Peyton

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Trigg (59) and Louise Peyton (68) share a conversation about how they first met, how they became close friends, the trips they have gone on together, faith, and the values that they practice.

Perspectives: Fred Bailey

Born Black and blind, proud American, state of Black people, not believing in racism, not using his blinds as an excuse, Not being called an "African American" , Black Economic Group.

Patricia Keating, Lorrie Keating Heinemann, and Robert Keating

Siblings, Lorrie Keating Heinemann (60) and Robert Keating (61), interview their sister, Patricia "Pat" Keating (78), about her early life, her work, her hobbies, and how she learned to navigate life as a blind person. They also share some favorite...

Sidney Davis and Dorothy Garza

Dorothy Garza (63) interviews her friend Sidney Davis (75) about how he beat cancer, what it was like being incarcerated for over 30 years, and the ways in which God influences his daily life.

Lucille's Christmas adventure

I interviewed my Aunt Lucille about her life and her love for Kentucky Basketball and her especial Christmas Surprise.

Makisha Odom and Carei Harris

Carei Harris (15) interviews her mother, Makisha Odom (36), about her degenerative eye disease that caused her blindness and the cornea transplants that restored her sight.

Martha Steger and Melody Roane

One Small Step partners, Martha Steger (79) and Melody Roane (53), connect over their agricultural upbringing and exchange experiences that shape their political practices.

Stanley Yarnell and Emily Smith Beitiks

Stanley Yarnell (66) talks with Emily Smith Beitiks (31) about being a physician and living with disabilities. Stanley describes where he grew up, how he became blind, training with a cane, becoming a disability advocate, experiencing job discrimination and how...

Dianna Willis and Judy Willis

Mother and daughter duo, Judy Willis [no age given] and Dianna Willis (50), discuss their mutual love for the outdoors, camping and hiking. The two also share their individual experiences surviving near fatal accidents.

Jennifer Schuster Jaeger and Gary Melom

One Small Step conversation partners Jennifer Schuster Jaeger [no age given] and Gary Melom [no age given] share their thoughts on political systems, approaching change within those systems, roles of leadership, events that shaped their views, and how to co-exist...

Paul Teranes and Amy Snow

Paul Teranes (79) talks with his daughter Amy Snow (37) about his experience growing up with congenital glaucoma and eventual blindness. Paul tells how his parents supported his independence, how he coped with the challenges of education and attending law...

Neil Rambana and Elizabeth Ricci

Spouses, Neil Rambana (52) and Elizabeth Ricci (46), reflect on the role “the American Dream” has played in their lives, discuss the work they do as immigration attorneys, and look forward to their daughters’ future.

Blindness Never Hindered Their Vision for the Future

A blind teenager interviews his legally blind Great-Aunt about their trials and triumphs in the sighted world. He asks about her past and her hopes for his future.

Jeny Beausoliel and Dorvell Stewart

One Small Step partner's Jeny Beausoliel (59) and Dorvell Stewart (33) take time to shares stories about navigating mental healthcare system, living with abusive parents, and finding places that bring them joy.

Blanca Angulo aboga por invidentes/latina advocate for blind in Los Angeles, Ca

Coordinator of Immigrants with Disabilities Project interviews participant and advocate for the blind Blanca Angulo during the covid Pandemic.

Malika Dahir and Jim Ramnaraine

Acquaintances Malika Dahir (42) and Jim Ramnaraine (62) talk about their political, social, and religious beliefs and backgrounds in this One Small Step conversation.