Doug Jones and Donald Gottesman

Doug (66) talks to Don (50) about the recent death of his spouse and partner John and how they decided to donate money to the California Community Foundation to enable underprivileged kids to attend theater performances.

A Spirited Faith: Paulist Father Thomas "Tomaso" Kane

He once wore roller skates and a Pilgrim costume to serve a turkey with sparklers. And he taught the movements of the Catholic Mass to dancers for a major production of a Bernstein musical. Paulist Father Thomas "Tomaso" Kane has...

Robert Sherrill and Jannis Schilling Sherrill

Husband and wife Robert "Bob" Sherrill (70) and Jannis "Jann" Schilling Sherrill (68) talk about their experience as a military couple and reflect on the many places that they have lived over the years.

Sharon Watts and Jenny Pachucki

Jenny Pachucki, the Oral Historian for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, interviewed Sharon Watts, a close friend and ex-fiance of Captain Patrick Brown of the FDNY who was killed on 911. Sharon talked about their first meeting, the...