Jane Smith – Summer of 1959

Jane Smith discusses her experiences as a counselor at Green Acres Camp in upstate New York

Interview with Grandma, Cynthia Wilder

We talked about her past and her favorite moments. She told me about her summer camp and who her favorite grandchild is.

"…Can one be friends with someone with a different political ideology? Ms Link shares her experience about her life and encounters"

Stephanie Stephens interviews Annabel Link for a college project and learns about each other. The basis of the topics discussed in this interview involves one's experiences, life journey, and memories. The theme is centered around "memories", reviewing our life lived...

Naomi Suskind and Relle Goan

Naomi Suskind (42) and Relle Goan (21) discuss the work they do for an LGBTQ program within the San Diego YMCA and how their childhood and high school experiences informed their career paths.

Todd Mackey and Elizabeth Buckley

Significant others Todd Mackey (39) and Elizabeth Buckley (40) share a conversation about their earliest memories of meeting each other and about coming back into contact later in life. They also talk about their relationship, falling in love during the...

Mom n V interview

Veronica chose 5-6 questions about mom’s childhood

“Some of them as young as five and six had passed away throughout the course of the year”

Alex Semper Upton was a camp counselor for several years through many programs and leaderships. In this interview, she talks about becoming a certified lifeguard, putting on fun shows, and working with kids with Cystic Fibrosis. She talks about how...


This recording is about how cassia feels when she is at camp

Hopes and Memories

Rex Rivers (Baehr) and William Trego Vance, Junior (Curadh) talk about their hopes and memories.

My mom’s favorite part of her childhood

My mom’s favorite thing is camping and we discussed about it.

My Mama Iris

I got to interview my great-aunt Iris this Thanksgiving, and she shared stories with me about her having a buisness at a young age.

Interview with my Grandma

We talked about my Grandmas life and how it’s different than how life is now.

Test Setup 3/24/2021

Test interview Setup with Katie Keith & Kerri Wasko on 3/24/2021 at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center.

“I don’t let my past define me, and I really love that you have stuck with me through all of these years.”

Our interview is about Gabby, a former foster child and her adoptive mother Karla. In the interview, the two of them talk about the beginning of their life together which includes heartfelt sentiments, life-changing moments, and memories of a unique...

Mikaela Zubal interviews Dave Hochbein about his life on November 24, 2019.

Mikaela Zubal interviews Dave Hochbein on November 24, 2019 at his house in Sarver, Pennsylvania. Dave talks about many things like advice for a high schooler now, hobbies, and discusses many funny stories.

Childrens Island

What Childrens Island is and what does it mean for people.

Interview with Dad

My dad talked about his childhood and some of his memories from there. He also discussed pivotal moments in his life that shaped him.

Me & Mum go to Camp

I asked my mother about the best parts of the summer camp she worked at back in the late 80s and early 90s. I have been working there for the past three years, so it is an incredible bond we...

Ed summer camp
December 5, 2019 App Interview

Edward talks about his experience as a camp councillor.