“Father’s Death Shaped My Friend to the Person She Is Now”

Two close friends, since childhood, catch up on Thanksgiving break and discuss the great memories they had with each other. A junior from Egg Harbor Township High School, Katrina Cabinian, interviews her close friend, Maxene Modesto. The interview was conducted...

Danielle interviews her Dad

When my dad was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer I put him on the waiting list to use the mobile storycorps booth. We got the call for an opening the first day of his treatment at Hopkins. This is our...

An impact on our lives

Talking with my grandfather about his life, his military experience, him and my grandmother, his grandkids, and some tips and advice!

The cancer life of Jaime Huerta

This interview was with my dad Jaime Huerta who was a survivor of lung cancer when he was 18. He tells his inspirational and true story of his process to survival and how hard it was.

Interview with Ray Butti.

I have a sit down with my neighbor and a war vet, Ray Butti.

Nancy Saad on Julian Saad

Mom going through treatment for metastatic stage IV breast cancer discussing her son’s role as her Caregiver

Storycorps AIS Project

I interviewed my mom about her journey through breast cancer

Talking to Lolo
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Just me asking my grandfather a few questions about his life.

Gill and Mom!

This is an invrerview with my mom, were talking about things she wish she had done or thiggs she will do. I love my mom and Im glad Ill always be able to hear her voice now even when Im...

Internal struggles
November 1, 2018 App Interview

Geena D. Interviewed Emma M. about struggling with her beliefs and ideas and what caused those problems to arouse.


The legacy of two people as shared by their children and grandchildren.

Sister talk

My sister and I talked about things like religion, hardships, and adults that have influenced us.

Ashley Roberts

Ashley talking about her mom having cancer

Connee Reau E2 Cancer
December 17, 2023 App Interview

Connee Reau looks back on her diagnosis of ovarian cancer and speaks about how she got through that tough time.

Gertie, Me and Memory on Memorial Day

Gertie and Anna talk candidly about cancer during Covid19 and finding safe spaces to live and heal. They cover topics around misogyny, mountain life, compassion, doll making and women’s health and empowerment.

Fighting cancer at age 21

In this interview, Mayson Weingart and her dad Rich Weingart discuss the shocking news that he received at only 21 years old. His story of stage 3 melanoma and the impact it had with his connection to religion is an...