Gertie, Me and Memory on Memorial Day

Gertie and Anna talk candidly about cancer during Covid19 and finding safe spaces to live and heal. They cover topics around misogyny, mountain life, compassion, doll making and women’s health and empowerment.

Mom and her brain…
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This interview is about Marina Mesa and her dysfunctional brain....

An Angel is born

Story of my grandmother and finding out she had cancer

“Father’s Death Shaped My Friend to the Person She Is Now”

Two close friends, since childhood, catch up on Thanksgiving break and discuss the great memories they had with each other. A junior from Egg Harbor Township High School, Katrina Cabinian, interviews her close friend, Maxene Modesto. The interview was conducted...

Grandma Judy

I asked my grandma to talk about her life growing up and now as an older women. We also talked about relationships she’s created and her experience with breast cancer.

Rachel Schonbaum and Jacob Shkrob

Rachel Schonbaum (20) speaks with her friend Jacob Shkrob (20) about their relationship, school, their lives during the pandemic, and what they hope for the future.

"No woman has to die from cervical cancer"
January 18, 2017 App Interview

Branda Kent describes her daughter's diagnosis as a "wake up call," that encouraged her to become more educated about HPV and cervical cancer prevention. She has made it her mission to help educate others about the importance of screening and...

Interviewing an Elder

Interview of grandmother about her life

Time with my Bobbi

Please join me as I soak up the sweet voice and faithful words of my precious Aunt and brilliant friend, Bobbi Kennedy.


Richard Shannon(82) talks with his granddaughter, Erin Shannon(16) about what life was like living in the country in the 1940's nad 50's. He talks about going to school in a small country schoolhouse without power, to which he rode horse...

Conversation about Cancer

A conversation with my Step-Mother and her experience with cancer. She explains the many hardships and factors that come into play after being diagnosed with melanoma. She starts off by explaining the beginning impacts of being diagnosed with melanoma, as...

Gill and Mom!

This is an invrerview with my mom, were talking about things she wish she had done or thiggs she will do. I love my mom and Im glad Ill always be able to hear her voice now even when Im...

Justin Berman and Jessica Oski

One Small Step conversation partners Justin Berman (51) and Jessica Oski (57) talk about the people who have influenced and inspired them; who and what informs their political value system; and how to come alongside and support people in the...

Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain

My 85-year-old grandmother Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain met her husband (my grandfather) Raymond John Gagain in Waterbury, Connecticut when they were 14 years old. They spent their entire lives together until my grandfather died in 1990. His death was a...

Storytelling Assignment

Interview of my 45 year old mother regarding her life; including her thoughts, views, and opinions.

Nancy Saad on Julian Saad

Mom going through treatment for metastatic stage IV breast cancer discussing her son’s role as her Caregiver

Questions with Grandma
December 1, 2018 App Interview

Within this interview, me and my GG discussed coming up, lessons, and advice.

Storycorps AIS Project

I interviewed my mom about her journey through breast cancer