Lisa Imbasciani, Robert Imbasciani, and Brittany Imbasciani

Spouses, Lisa Imbasciani (56) and Robert Imbasciani (59), and their daughter Brittany Imbasciani (32) reminisce about their daughter and sibling, Erica Imbasciani, who was fatally hit in a car crash.

A Wet and Wild April Fool’s Day
January 9, 2024 App Interview

My name is Joseph Caruk and I’m interviewing my mom, Cristina, about a serious April Fool’s Day car accident that happened roughly 30 years ago. She vividly recalls how she thought that she was going to die and how a...

“So I threw myself down on the floor”

My grandfather talks about his life in New York. From crazy taxi drivers to black ice. He also talks about his life with his daughters in New York, and the worst turbulence he has ever experienced. He also talks about...

Johnnie Diacon and Nikki Stephens Diacon

Nikki Stephens Diacon (53) interviews her husband, Johnnie Diacon (59), about his childhood, his art, and his connection to Muscogee culture. They also discuss their family's future, remember their two daughters who have passed away, and share their love for...

Barry Stich and Harriet Stich

Barry Stich (57) interviews his mother, Harriet Stich (89), about her experiences growing up in the Bronx, the car accidents that she survived, about the family that was lost and gained, and finally, what brought her to Las Vegas, Nevada.

An Awkward and funny yet emotional interview!!

In this interveiw i asked funny and emotional questions to Emmi Berube.

Joseph Witkowski and Caroline Shadood

New friends Joseph "Joe" Witkowski (38) and Caroline Shadood (34) discuss what spurred their involvement in Families for Safe Streets, how they have been impacted by traffic violence, and what they have learned in their advocating journeys.

Car Crash Experience

Mya talks about her experiences in driving in 2019. She talks about how her life has changed in good and bad way from her experience. She talks about how her daily life has changed overall in time.