My mom tells me things about my family that I didn’t know about.

We talked a lot about traditions and games. And my mom gave a lot of advice to the future generations to come who watch this.

Interview with Nana The Great

This was an interview with my Nana and she is 65 years old, she is my best friend. My talked a lot about her grandchildren and memories from my childhood and her childhood, we talked about the past a lot....

Vietnam War Interview

This is a interview of my grandma about her experiences in the Vietnam War.

Saracini social studies interview

my mother she is 34 years old and we discussed a lot so listen because I don’t feel like explaining because it’s 11:55 at night and I did this last minute because my mom forgot amen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my aunt and uncle about their lives.

What I Want
November 24, 2018 App Interview

This talks about my brother’s change from Middle school to Highschool, and his ambitions and hobbies.

The greatest Grandma

My grandma explaining how she took care eif me and my sisters when our mother left us

family interview

this was my dad expressing his past life and his present. He talked about regrets and times where he felt good

StoryCorps interview

Aryan shah (16) interviewing my mom Bijal shah (48). We mainly discussed my mother’s childhood, what it was like, how my mom met my dad and what strong relationship they had, and what an amazing impact family can have on...

Oscar Bolda and Maria Bolda

Husband and wife, Oscar Bolda (61) and Maria Teresa Bolda (62), talk about their marriage and working in the medical field both in the U.S. and the Philippines.

You’re going to try some things and mess up. You have to learn from your mistakes

I talk to my mom about some things I’ve wanted to know her opinion on and wanted to get a clear view of what she’s thinking of for the future. Also a way to get to know my mom just...

Frederich Johnson II and Clyde Neville III

Friends Frederich Johnson II (57) and Clyde Neville III (49) share a conversation about their involvement in the Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development and the amount of care and passion that goes into the community work being done through...

Bridget and her children talk about fostering a sense of empathy and responsibility in their family and community

Alison and Bridget talk with her children about making the family decision to welcome a newborn into their family. Cash has changed their family for the better and helped their children gain a new perspective on life!

Interview with my uncle

Doctor talks about how his journey has been with Corona virus