Pamela Jennings and Wyatt Jennings

Pamela Jennings (57) shares a conversation with her father, Wyatt Jennings (88), about Wyatt’s upbringing on a tobacco farm in Virginia, his time in the armed services, his experience working as an automotive technician, and about the businesses he owned.

My awesome ceramics teacher

I interviewed my ceramics teacher that I’ve had for the past three years. I got to know a lot more about her than I would’ve ever imagined.

Dolores Duenez, Lora Holt, and Tony Duenez

Siblings Lora Holt (57) and Tony Duenez (53) interview their mother, Dolores Duenez (80), about her years growing up in El Paso, her time in California juggling college and motherhood, and the influence of creativity and the arts in their...

Brenda McMahon and Karen Gates

Brenda McMahon (56) and Karen G. Gates (61) talk about meeting at the Gulfport Public Library and becoming friends. Brenda is a ceramics artist and Karen is a writer. They discuss the many ways they're involved in the Gulfport community.

Bob Banghart and Scott Carrlee
January 10, 2009 Alaska Kit C

Scott Carrlee 45 brought his co-worker,Bob Banghart, the curator of exhibitions at the Alaska State Museum to talk technically and philosophically about what a museum should do.

Sicilian Grandfather

This interview was about Joseph Cardinale’s childhood, and professions. He worked as a ceramics teacher, Actor, as a butcher, and was also in the navy during the Korean War on the U.S.S. Iowa.

Dr. Dudley Harris and Cindy Vondrak

Husband and wife, Dr. Dudley Harris (80) and Cindy Vondrak (71), discuss Dr. Harris starting the first outpatient ophthalmology surgical center in the state of Texas. They also discuss Japanese pottery, ceramics and using photography as philanthropy.

Oren Connell, Robin Connell, and Steve Connell

Oren Connell (39) and his brother Robin Connell (36) talk with their father, Steve Connell (79), about his career as a sculpture and ceramics professor at the University of Montana and operating a cattle ranch. They reflect on lessons imparted...

Delma Luna and Angel Luna

Spouses Delma Luna (45) and Angel Luna (46) talk about their upbringings, Delma in Alaska and Angel in Washington. They remember whether or not they got into trouble as kids, how they both ended up at Whitworth College, and what...