ENG 1100 Interview Alyx

This is an interview about my classmate’s opinions on being a part of the Wright State community.

Katie Willet – MPHS IB Coordinator

We discussed the IB program and how having taught abroad gives a different perspective on the US education system.

Education and Religion in a Southern Grandmother

I interviewed my granny about her childhood and how things such as the Civil Rights Movement and poverty affected her education and childhood to now.

Kid’s Today

Interviewing an advocate for struggling students and seeking answers on the educational system: how it varies from the past as well as determining strategies and tools to implement that will help students today with hardship and trauma.

Discussing Differences with My Mom

My mother and I discuss the differences between growing up in the Midwest and east coast, as well as Rutgers when she was a student and Rutgers now as an alum and current grad student. We also touch upon her...

Bob Whetstone the Storyteller.

My Grandad Bob has many interesting stories. During the interview, I’ve learned that my grandad wasn’t allowed to serve in the military because of his eyes, suffered in school because of his eyes and living during the great depression and...

Life as a College Student

Hannah Williams, is an 18 year old student at TCC. She is one of my classmates. This interview covers some topics that include: college experience, career choices, and personal life.

Kristian Ward StoryCorps Interview

In this interview, I talked with my high school American History and Government teacher, Mr. Ward. We discussed navigating challenges in the classroom, building & navigating curriculum, & how American history should be taught.

Interview with my big brother

We talked about his plan and how he became a business management.

The importance for education within the Latino community

Carlos is one of the head supervisors at Kids club. Kids club is a safe haven for kids who come from low income families, all of which are predominately Latino. Carlos shares his story and passion in educating the Latino...

Thanksgiving Interview with my uncle.

It was a great interview with my uncle who has been a role model for me. I had told me a lot of good things and his struggles in his life. I had told me a lot of great things...

Jenny Tan and Cherese Brauer

KIPP educators and colleagues Jenny Tan (43) and Cherese Brauer (42) discuss equitability in their model of education, share personal stories from when they were students, and aspirations for the organization.

Travis Martin, teacher at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC.

We talked about Mr. Martin’s education and how he got into teaching others.