Stephanie Lowenhaupt and Sarah Goraya

[Recorded: Thursday, February 2nd, 2023] Stephanie (68) and Sarah (19) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Stephanie is a retired nurse and research coordinator from Charlottesville and Sarah is a Second Year at the University of Virginia...

Ann Tice and Rose Gorman

Ann Tice (58) tells StoryCorps Facilitator Rose Gorman (26) what it was like to be a female medical student in the 1970s, what she learned from her father, and about being able to be at home with her children while...

Tom Power: A Man of a Few Words

This is me getting to know more about my dad (who happens to be the kindest, most selfless person I know).

Service Learning Project

In this interview , I , Ricardo Mendoza Jr., interview my dad, Ricardo Mendoza, and talk about events and influences in his life that made him who he is today

Interview with Grandma
November 20, 2019 App Interview

In this interview my Grandma and I talked about life in Cleveland, growing up, meeting her husband, jobs, memories, and her dreams for her Grandchildren. My Grandma tells some stories about when she was a child going for ice cream...

Cooking with Judy Goodstein

Scott Goodstein interviews Judy Goodstein about our family’s cooking traditions from Eastern Europe to Cleveland’s East Side.

My Mom: Mary Cecelia Elizabeth Hughes Power

A sweet conversation with my mom about her childhood (from St. Louis to Cleveland) and life before and after kids. This is, hands down, the greatest woman I’ve ever known.