The Climate Justice Movements

In the age of white climate justice movements, we need to recognize the indigenous people who have been fighting this for so long. We need to talk about bringing them to the forefront of the movement.

The Rose sisters

I interviewed my sister today and we talked about today’s holiday and life.

Late Night Rambles

Just a conversation between two friends about the world we live in.

Hurricanes and severe/extreme weather

During this interview me and Mr.Bhave talked about different solutions for reducing air pollution and we also talked about what he does in his job and what he will be doing when he goes to Washington, D.C.

Erin Pettit and Joanna Young

Joanna Young (33) and Dr. Erin Pettit (48) talked about their career choices as scientists who focus on outreach / education / research, and the role of leadership in glacier science in Alaska. They discuss the Girls on Ice program...

“I want to do good science, which to me, doing good science and with great people makes it fun.” An interview with Susan Bates

Susan Bates has always been interested by the physical world and especially the ocean. She remembers standing on the beach as a kid in North Carolina wondering where the waves came from. Now, she gets to predict what the ocean...

The Space Explosion of 86’ : Gerald Morrison

Conversation with my father about his experience with the space shuttle explosion of 86, and it’s context in modern politics.

Snowpack Modeling with Indigenous communities

AnnaClaire Marley is a summer intern at NASA's Ames Research Center investigating snowpack variability in the Navajo Nation. She recently graduated from UC Santa Barbera with a Master’s in Environmental Science and Management studying climate change and environmental data analysis....

Amy Cilimburg and Caroline Lauer

Friends and colleagues Amy Cilimburg (56) and Caroline Lauer (28) talk about their intergenerational friendship, passion for working on climate change, the organization in Missoula where they met, Climate Smart Missoula, and the importance of pushing oneself to be uncomfortable.

My mom discusses experiences that have shaped her life and opinions.

My mom's unique opinions on career, immigration from China, balancing life, climate change, and differences between our eras shaped by her numerous experiences. Join me as I try to learn more about my mom and how she came to be...

The Interdisciplinary Scientist: Juan Declet-Barreto, 2018 June 7

In this interview, part of the AGU Narratives project and AGU Paths Through Science, Juan Declet-Barreto discusses his work with the Union of Concerned Scientists, his involvement with the Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX), and the forces that shaped his path...

Chicago Climate Strike: Why We March

Ella answers the question “why do we strike today” as hundreds come to march against climate change, missing school to participate.

Interview with David Osterberg for Creativity for a Lifetime

I spoke with David Osterberg, an environmental and occupational health professor at the university. David told me about his ventures into creativity in the classroom and outside of it, particularly in educating the public about the dangers of climate change.

Kristi Hager and Willa Fouts talk about the exhibition "Equal: A Work in Progress"

Kristi Hager (74) and her goddaughter, Willa Fouts (32) talk about mentorship and support over the years, memories of a trip to San Francisco, climate change advocacy, women's rights and Willa's portrait and the feeling of comfort at being included...

Covid-19: Theresa Riedel

Jackie Neale interviews another of her undergraduate photography students, Theresa Riedel while we are conducting interviews and taking photographs for our storytelling project, The Corona Collective. Theresa is a student at the New York Film Academy and was living in...

Elizabeth Austin and Mary Riddle

Elizabeth Austin (18) tells her teacher Mary Riddle (32) about her commitment to producing zero waste, her worries and hopes for the future of the planet, and what she is proud of having done in her life so far.