Biko’s Ranking of Coding platforms
December 7, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview with a nine-year old 4th grader, from Monroe County of Eastern PA. He talks to us about his love for coding, and shares his favorite coding platforms.

Immigration Stories Italy: Lamin Tamba

Lamin Tamba, who goes by Lamin, and in our interview he shares horrific details of his journey from Senegal to Libya and then ultimately pushed onto a boat into the Mediterranean Sea in complete darkness, hoping he makes it safely...

Interview w Dad

Listen to me (16) interview my Dad (49) as he talks about childhood in Jordan, moving to the US to be away from war and increased opportunities, his start as a software engineer, and the Muslim faith. If you feel...

Yousefs life and story

I interview 11th grader Yousef about his life and ask some qeneral questions about his interests and upbringing.

School Interview

I asked my associate, Tristan, about the Computer Science field.

StoryCorps Interview Recording – Murrett, Henry

Mac Murrett on his life through programming, interviewed by Henry Murrett

Exploring sound, math, and design through interactive experiences

Interactive designer Ginger Leigh talks about her love for math, coding, and creating immersive experiences, and how all of these things come together in her work. Ginger Leigh’s installations have been presented at museums and events around Orlando including Snap!...

Emilio Ibarra

we talked about his outside of school life. his siblings and how he is the oldest. And also talked about coding

The Narrative of my Father: John Hoegy

John Hoegy (Father), interviewed by Peter Hoegy (Son) talk about life and general topics on January 5, 2020, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. John Hoegy focuses on the success and health one needs to have in life. Additionally, he elaborates...