The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.


Mr.Hartley was a great person to interview because he's very interactive and If I had to do this in the future I would interview him again

Mrs. McClain’s college experience

Mya Kowalke and Mrs. McClain talked about Mrs. Mclain’s experience during college and how she felt about it.

All About Beth Harris

Beth Harris(36) talks to Miyah Winter(14) about her childhood and what growing up in a Guyanese home made her into.

StoryCorps Interview- Kenneth Randolph

In this we talked about who and what motivates her and what she is proudest of in her life regarding school and relationships.

College – the old way

Me and my mom talk about how she went through the college process and how it compares and contrasts with what I am going through right now.

Interview with Carlos

I was able to learn a lot more about my dads baseball experience when he was little because I had a lot of miss information. It was also funny to hear what they had to do when they are new...

Story Corps Interview

Maddison White want's to become an anesthesiologist.

Julia Parzecki and Margaret Parzecki – Life in Poland and Adapting to America (Reuploaded)

Julia Parzecki (18) talks with her mother, Margaret Parzecki (51), about her childhood in Warsaw, Poland, and how her life changed when she moved to the United States.