Growing as a person

This storyboard is about growing as a person through the eyes of a college student.

Practice Interview

With my friend Will Thompson and talking about his future.

Practice Interview

I ask my friend about his life and what he wants to do when he is older.

7 Tips to Create a Great First Impression on Your College Professor

The first of your college can be full of excitement and nervousness at the same time. However, whatever you feel, make sure to give a great impression to your college professors on the very first day. The beginning of college...

Hannah Mow: a new friend with a fresh perspective

Interview in the car with the one and only Hannah Mow! Questions in the car while smoking a cigarette.

Narrative Interview Dove Overseas Study

I interview my mom on her challenges faced while going overseas to study in England while attending Michigan State University

Father’s Story

I spoke with my father about his transition from India to America for graduate studies. During our conversation we deviated from his early life in this country, to his more recent years. At the end, we spoke about how his...

Interview with my grandpa

We talked about important life lessons to keep in mind.

Interview with my mom

We had a heart felt conversation about my moms life and her childhood. We talked about college basketball and my dad.I asked her questions about her proposal and her wedding.

“It is better to do for others than to do for yourself.”
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Avery Thomas interviews her mother Jocelyn Thomas, who shares how she learned to believe in herself and that it is better to do for others than to do for yourself, and the power of perseverance and family. Jocelyn shares both...

Mother/daughter interview

We talked about growing up, school, tennage jobs, teenage years, how life is different now than it was back in the 80s/90s, jobs, and money. Overall I think my mom gives some really good advice/statements throughout the interview.

Peer Interveiw

Ryleigh talks about her experiences in life so far and reflects on them. She looks to the future and discusses her hopes and dreams.


Kristen discussed my relationship with her and her childhood.

Kelly Johnson

I interview my older sister, Kelly. We talk about College and our life.

A Man Of Short Words
November 26, 2017 App Interview

My name is Kelly Ta. I am 15 years old. Today is November 26, 2017. I am recording this interview in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. I am speaking with Vince Ta, who is my father.

November 27, 2017 App Interview

A very chaotic, authentic interview with the greatest cousins ever. This interview brings you into the life of a very tightly knit family. It captures how college students really feel about school and their outlook on life. Shows how diverse...

College – the old way

Me and my mom talk about how she went through the college process and how it compares and contrasts with what I am going through right now.

Jason and Justin talk about Justin’s life through high school and college.
November 26, 2018 App Interview

We talk about his life in college and how his morals have helped him through getting a career and being successful in life.

Interview with my brother CJ

I asked Cj about what college is like now and how he transitioned from high school to college.