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Makayla Krawczyk and her mom talk about teenage concert experiences

Makayla Krawczyk (16) and her mom, Beth Krawczyk (53) talk about her concert experiences in the 1980s. Throughout this story, Beth recalls her wild teenage adventures with her best friend as they sneak out to attend a Rush concert. To...

Music and It’s Impact

I sat down with my dad Dwayne Radden and took a ride down memory lane. I listened to him tell me about the impact of music and his love for music.

The Beatles (Part 2)

I interviewed my great grandma about the 1960s and she started talking about The Beatles

MASC 101 interview with Dad

We basically talked about what media was like when my Dad was younger and his opinions.

"Music is such a universal language, so I think as the world gets crazier and crazier I think musicians find great solace in that…"

Liliana Ortiz a 16 year old oboe student interviews her Teacher Jocelyn Moore. They talk about how Jocelyn grew up with music, her career paths, stories from her jobs, and what makes music special to her. This interview is done...

Interview with Mercedes

During this interview I discussed with Mercedes about her experiences with Brett Eldredge along with other celebrities.

First concert

Talking with Angie Reiber about how music has changed over her lifetime.

Herbert Nelson and Hosea London

Bandmates and friends Herbert Nelson (72) and Hosea London (75) talk about their experiences as musicians in Mobile, Alabama and their time playing with the local Excelsior band, the city's oldest marching jazz band.

Music through a lifetime

Music has always been a part of my fathers life. That’s why I asked him to share some of his favorite memories and experiences with music.

My dad talks about his love of music

In this interview I sat down with my dad and we discussed some of his favorite artists as well as his own personal taste in music.

The Evolution of the Music Industry

I am an 18 year old college student interviewing my mother, Audrey Coulbourn, regarding how the music industry has evolved over the past 50 years.

Interviewing my older sister

Me and my sister did a interview on current events and her perspective.

News Media Project

What it is like growing up in the new era of the music industry. The evolution of the music industry.