Covid19 Interveiw (5/27/20)

Summary about the Covid19 situation un the US and Pennsylvania

Managing EVS Through A Pandemic

I sat down with Mary Parra, an Environmental Service Manager at a hospital in Texas, to find out how was it from a housekeeping standpoint dealing with one of the most scary times in world history.

The effects of COVID-19 on our life

My mom and I dive into the coronavirus and impacts it’s had.

Interview # 1 (Natalie)

Today I interviewed my sister on how life has been during quarantine, and how it has been learning online as a college student.

Risa Harms and Daniel Chuang

Risa Harms (Early Forties) talks to Daniel Chuang (16) about her cousin, a healthy marathon runner who passed away to coronavirus.

Maias super cool quarentine

Maia and I talked about life right now, very exciting (corona)


Ashton (me), Bertha, Lydia at the Nuclear Energy eXperimental Testing (NEXT) Lab


we talk about how covids like and how im still the baddie that i am periodt.

Service Learning Project

I talked to her about the Coronavirus and how has impacted her. She included her thoughts and feelings about the crisis

Adam Spangenberg & Robyn Spangenberg Coivd19 Interview.

Adam Spangenberg (23) Interviews his mother Robyn Spangenberg (56) about her life during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Covid-19 Kathy Smith Interview

This is a discussion on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the people of the U.S. and the world.

Amanda Patel and Ronald Thuesen

Amanda Patel (44) and her dad Ronald "Ron" Thuesen (69) talk about growing up in Montana and describe their family dinners. They reflect on how their lives have changed due to the coronavirus.

Claire Schettler and Kristie Gortz on the Coronavirus pandemic

Claire Schettler (15) and Kristie Gortz (51) discuss the Coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected their lives.

Interview with my dad

This was an interview about this coronavirus time with my dad Daniel. He answered questions that I asked from the list of questions you gave us.

COVID-19 Interview
December 16, 2021 App Interview

discussing the change from COVID-19 pandemic shutdown


This was an interview to see how a mother and former employee is dealing with the quarantine circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Work Life in the Banking Industry: An Interview With My Mom

In this interview with my mom, we talk about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her work life within the banking industry. We also discuss how this pandemic is being covered in the news and media.