Maxine Kilgore & Susan Hetler

Maxine Kilgore: 2020-12-07 21:40:58 Maxine Kilgore (13) interviews Susan Hetler (her grandmother) about important life lessons and memorable experiences. Susan Hetler shares her experiences at art school, her midwifery knowledge, and shares some very important pieces of advice.

Creativity with Pat

My Rhetoric professor Pat Dolan and I discuss the concept of Creativity and how it plays a role in his life.

Storycorps interview
October 26, 2018 App Interview

Interviewed someone above 60 years old on how creativity has been apart of their life.

A Conversation with My Father

My name is Joe Jennings and I interviewed Bill Jennings (AKA my father). He was born in Milwaukee in the year 1950. He went to the University of Wisconsin and studied Electrical Engineering, met my mom in Colorado at IBM,...

My Mom, Michele

We talked alot about different factors that influenced her life through her creative side.

Rosalie Kenward talks with her father, Mark Kenward about his childhood, their family, and life before she was born.

The interview is conducted by Rosalie Kenward (17) with her father Mark Kenward (50). It was recorded in Oakland, California in November 2017. They discuss childhood, moving, family dynamics, the divorce of his parents and the lessons learned from traumatic...

Maren Bernier and Kristina Halmai-Gillan

Maren Bernier (22) shares the experience of living as a foster youth with co-worker, Kristina Halmai-Gillan (42). Maren describes the experience of a group home setting, foster parent pairings, creative growth as an artist within a Y-supported program, and plans...

Patricia Williams and Aubrey Garcia

Aubrey Garcia (33) interviews her grandmother Patricia Williams (88) about the "love blood" in their family, and discuss why relationships in their family are so deep and so strong.

A Creative Interview with David Jepsen

I interviewed Dr. David Jepsen about his life and how creativity has played a role in his life. Formerly a professor at the University of Iowa now retired and enjoying life.

Brian Smith and Celeste Smith

Brian Smith (66) shares a conversation with his daughter, Celeste Smith (24), about Celeste’s childhood, the stories that Brian would tell her then, Brian’s grandfather and the stories he would tell, COVID-19, the wildfires in California, and the comfort that...

Life Lessons with Chan Pt.1

After loosing a million dollars when trying to build an Air Ambulance Company, Chandler was experiencing the toughest moments of his life. The way he got out of his quagmire, was to think creatively and realize that he reframed his...

Creativity for a Lifetime: An Interview with Professor Anne Stapleton

Sydney Ginter sits down with Professor Anne Stapleton, a scholar of British 19th century literature and a professor at the University of Iowa, to have a conversation about creativity and expression.

Pursuing Creativity

An interview between a mother and her daughter about finding creative inspiration and pursuing a career in art.

Through the eyes of a 66 year old

I interviewed Jim Thielen, a family friend and neighbor, about how he has expressed his creativity throughout his life.

Creativity Interview

I interviewed my academic advisor for this project

My life is perfect

In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking to one of the wisest individuals I have met in my entire life. She speaks on leaving her natural habitat, coming to a realization that she could be much more in...

Interview Project: Perspective on Creativity

I conducted an interview with a neighbor and friend of mine, Mo Duffy. We talked about how she feels life has changed since her youth, she offered advice to today’s young people, and how creativity has effected her life.

Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell

Patty Mitchell () and Susan Dlouhy () talks about using art and the creative process to work with people with disabilities and alter perceptions of their value and ability.

Angela Mayer and Venita Blackburn

One Small Step conversation partners Angela Mayer (51) and Venita Blackburn (38) talk about their shared curiosity about other people, impactful moments from their youth, the importance of education, and their frustrations with their political parties.