Dad & Daughter

I interviewed my dad about the creativity in his life.

Creativity for a Lifetime

My grandma and I discussing life and how creativity has presented itself theoughout life’s various stages.

Interview with David Osterberg for Creativity for a Lifetime

I spoke with David Osterberg, an environmental and occupational health professor at the university. David told me about his ventures into creativity in the classroom and outside of it, particularly in educating the public about the dangers of climate change.

FYS Interview about the theme of creativity with Sara Porter by Alyssa Porter

I interviewed Sara Porter for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's book...

S. Beecher

A look into Stephanie’s story, creative process, and daily life.

Bilal Baeza and Ezra Kelly

Bilal Baeza (20) and Ezra Kelly (23) discuss their experiences as artists and music creators, and the role of math in their creative process. They also discuss their thoughts on the afterlife and morality.

Story Corps Interview with my Grandfather, Larry Fennelly

In a brief interview, my grandfather and I discussed his hobbies, career, relationships, and how he has utilized creativity throughout his life.

Interviewing my Grandparents

In this interview I talk to my grandparents (both in their 80s) about aging and creativity, both personally in their lives and in the larger world.

Creativity in the life of Professor Messerle

Interview with Professor Messerle on creativity in his lifetime

Getting To Know The Person You Know Best

Did you ever wonder what your parents were like before you came along? On November 26, 2017, at the age of 15, Topper Guild interviewed his mother, Toni Kotite, about her childhood and how that influenced her choice of career....

Eva Simon & Donna Simon thoughts about creativity

"Creativity is more than art." In this interview, my mother-in-law shares a few ways that she has used creativity in her life.

A Resume to Last a Lifetime: Ed Zastrow

I talked with Ed to hear about how he managed to move from job to job, and remain innovative and creative in all of them. I hope you learn a little bit about Ed and about creativity while listening to...

Catholicism and Creativity—A Lifelong Story

A story about growing up in a Catholic household, living 18 lives, and managing to be creative in a house full of 50 women.

Creativity Grandma Barb

Me and my Grandma talked about how she was creative throughout her life.

Arnie Kleppe – Creativity for a Lifetime

Arnie Kleppe is my future grandpa in-law and he enjoys woodcarving, painting, and writing poetry. During our conversation we discussed how he uses creativity to appreciate nature and how creativity has impacted his life.

Lauren and her grandpa, Don, discuss creativity and reflect on his life experiences

My 83-year-old grandpa and I, Lauren, sit down to talk about how he defines creativity and how it has been present in his life. We touch on his past, his family, and how he is feeling today. In this interview,...

Creativity for a Lifetime Project

I talked with Evelyn about her creativity through her lifetime as she led me through her stories of being an art teacher, a musician, and a healing practitioner.

Tinker Walker and Harold Walker (II)

Tinker Walker (94) talks to her son Harold Walker II (62) about her best friend "Beebaw" her rag doll, while she was growing up after the loss of both her parents & how after losing her beloved doll as a...