Olivia Lario interview – 7 year old perspective

Olivia is a typical 7 year old who loves to climb trees and play with friends.

"Work now so you don't have to work as hard later. "

In this interview, on November 25, 2021, at Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Denise Carreon interviews her mom, Elizabeth Carreon. Talk about Elizabeth's life and hardships growing up in Mexico transitioning to the United States, while experiencing racism for being...

The life of the oldest child.

This interview was a conversation with my daughter about being the oldest child.

Asking my mom about her wedding and learning more about customs we don’t practice anymore

My mom and I talk about how she met my dad, her wedding day, and how life was different in a foreign country that was under communist rule.


Steve Hettleman was in third grade when his best friend, Mitchell, died of heart problems. He recounts the story to his daughter, Audrey, almost 45 years later.

Life of Jaclyn Glombowski Engele

The life of the wonderful Jaclyn Glombowski Engele and her daughter Anais Engele talk about Jaclyn's life and how her daughter Anais was as a kid.

Interviewing Dad

This interview touches on some great memories in the life of my dad, Jack. I wanted to interview him because I never knew a lot about his younger days, and I am really glad that I did. I got to...

Justine Chapel on her 22 Birthday

Jody speaks with her daughter, Justine, on how it feels to turn 22 and some of her favorite memories and experiences in life thus far.

Anna, age 9

Mom and daughter discuss favorites and memories.

Interview with Maria Morier

We talked about communism, what her life has been like and what she desires her future grandchildren will know about her.

Veronica Sopher and Dennis Garcia

Veronica Sopher (45) and her dad Dennis Garcia [no age given] talk about his experience as a Mexican American growing up on the Highplains and in Kansas.

An Interview With My Mom

In this interview we discussed my mom's childhood with her four sisters and single mom, as well as her schooling and her career.

Kristen Flowers

Kristen Flowers’ mom works here at rocklin high school and has her as one of her own teachers.

Interview 1 with Dad

Dad talked about his career as a finance director, risking money in his partnerships, his upbringing and losing a brother.

The Internet Through the Lens of a Mother and Daughter

Jillian Jacobson a student of Virginia Commonwealth University interviewing her mother Lisa Jacobson about how she got her news and information before the internet.

My conversation with my father

We talked about many different things in my dads life like life decisions and his proudest moments.

Susan Tran: My Mother

Talking to my mother about her life and things I didn’t know about her

A Mom’s Wisdom

My mom and I talked about her experiences as a child, growing up, and now. We talked about what it means to her to be a mother and how that has shaped her.