Carol Burke and Kate Christensen

Mother, Carol Burke (69), and daughter, Kate Christensen (40), remember Carol's late father, discuss her unique small town upbringing and her hopes for the future.

Interview pandemic – Yarisma Rocha

Questions about how the coronavirus affects Yarisma’s school life and her daughter’s life.

Angelina Chacon-Garcia and Georgette Garcia

Mother, Georgette Garcia (61), and her daughter Angelina Chacon-Garcia (31) discuss Georgette's life and their family history.

The life in the shoes of Kevin Swenson

Kevin just told someone memories of his life. He also told me a little family history.

My interview with my Dad

My dad tell me about his childhood, and hard and happy memories

Daughterisms vs Motherisms

A conversation between a mother and daughter who realize they aren’t so different after all, despite all of the bumps along the way.


Me and my mom talk about what she was like as a kid as well as what I was like as a kid.

"This too shall pass" Marie and Hannah Presnal talk about living in a third world country then moving to the US.

Marie Presnal came to the US in 2000 from the Philippines. She married Hannah’s father in 2001 after 9/11.

Time is precious

Erin Canada: 2021-04-28 03:46:09 A quick interview with my mom in which gets into what's important to her.

Kathleen Evans Interview

This interview contains Kathleen’s childhood memories and life lessons. She also speaks upon advice she give her younger self and what her life has taught her.

From a Mother to a Daughter to the World

Erin Yambao interviews her mother about the importance of family, giving back, and independence. She shares lessons and experiences she has learned and gained throughout her life.

The King of Pop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with the king of pop? Annabel Bastien interviews her mother Risa Bastien, who is 49 years old, about her career with Michael Jackson in Sherman Oaks. We reflect on...

Mother and daughter interview

We talk about what my mom would like to see in my future. We also talked about what some of her favorite memories of me are.

Tell the World (Part 2)

I am interviewing my daughter for future memories.

Monique Sandoval and Margaret Basoco

Monique Sandoval (36) interviews her mother Margaret Basoco (74) about her upbringing, her relationship to traveling and her family.

Election night @wellesley

Sisters and daughters talk about leadership at Wellesley and in the world.

Interview with Cousin Joan

Interview about her childhood, first job, and things that impacted her life greatly