Cummins Mahoe III and Karen Mahoe

Cummins Kameeiamoku Mahoe III (72) speaks with his wife, Karen Monika Mahoe (53), about growing up in Hawaii, serving in the US Army, and honoring the life of his cousin. He speaks about the many changes the islands of Hawaii...

The Iran-Hostage Crisis of 1979: Immigrating to America in the Middle of a Crisis

Economics professor Dr. Joe Essuman, who was originally born in Ghana, West Africa in 1949, speaks of the causes and impacts of the Iran-Hostage Crisis on the Carter Administration, the world's changing perceptions of both nations, and the world's growing...

Hank Ebert and Maione Carrijo

Hank Ebert (64) interviews his wife Maione Carrijo (58) about her life in Brazil before she married him and moved to Idaho. Maione then interviews Hank about his unique upbringing as the child of diplomats, living in various countries from...

Taking action against nuclear weapons

Bob Alpern looks back at the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the continued threat of nuclear weapons, the imperative of diplomacy, taking direct action against nukes at the Nevada test site and in front of Lawrence Livermore...

Charles Lockwood and Jay Wolfson

Jay Wolfson (70) shares a conversation with his friend and colleague, Dr. Charles Lockwood (67), about Charles’s career, his leadership, the moral compass that guides his work, and the COVID-19 pandemic.