Intergenerational conversation between two disabled women: Judith Heumann and Alice Wong

On January 9, 2018, Alice Wong interviewed Judith Heumann for the Disability Visibility Project with the StoryCorps app. Judy talked about growing up as a Jewish disabled girl in Brooklyn, her family, and the need for disabled people to find...

Anthony Tusler and Evelyn Thorne

Anthony Tusler (67) talks with Evelyn Thorne (25) about growing up as a person living with disabilities. Anthony describes his activism work, embracing a disability identity, and his advocacy position at Sonoma State. Anthony also talks about his photography projects,...

Stanley Yarnell and Emily Smith Beitiks

Stanley Yarnell (66) talks with Emily Smith Beitiks (31) about being a physician and living with disabilities. Stanley describes where he grew up, how he became blind, training with a cane, becoming a disability advocate, experiencing job discrimination and how...

Heidi Seretan and Christopher Abreu

Heidi Seretan (33) talks with Christopher Abreu Rosario (32) about why she is passionate about working in education serving students living with disabilities. Heidi describes how she first started working with special education students and what she wishes people understood...

COVID-19's Impact on the Role of Direct Support Professionals in Rhode Island

COVID-19 has brought a sudden, drastic change to life as we know it, especially for the individuals supported by one Rhode Island human services agency, Perspectives Corporation. Site Supervisor Gabrielle Rossi (21) talks with Social Media Coordinator Sara Porcaro (22)...

Luke Alvarez: They Will Surf Again

Luke Alvarez is a science teacher at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, surfer and board shaper. Local to Tuckerton, NJ, Luke also runs a small business where he creates surf boards. Luke makes adaptable surf boards for people with...

Alice Wong & Rochelle Kwan

Alice Wong (46) talks with her friend, Rochelle Kwan (27), about growing up Asian American and disabled in the Midwest, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Disability Visibility Project.

Miranda Lee and Ellen Blaufox

Miranda Lee (25) talks to her Aunt Ellen Blaufox (58) about Miranda's experience as a disability advocate and as a disabled person herself navigating life.

Lezlie Frye and Martina Bianchi Frye: Celebrating (Non-Binary) Parents Day

Lezlie Frye: 2020-05-10 17:54:31 Lezlie Frye (41) talks with her mother, Martina Bianchi Frye (77) about motherhood, having a disabled child, being a disabled adult, and the joys and sorrows of parenting.