Karizma Blackburn talking to Her father Clifton Blackburn about his life and family heritage.

In this interview,conducted in November 2017 in Chicago,IL,Karizma Blackburn (17) interviews her father Clifton Blackburn(64) about the identity he has molded into from childhood and family lineage. He depicts the laughter of memories that can bring joy.Mr.Blackburn reveals how huge...


Mrs. Hanson is my person of interest because she is majored in many fields and has gain many knowledge along the way.

Carmel Viado and Eva Dhimi

Good friends Carmel Viado (41) and Eva Dhimi (33) discuss how COVID has impacted their individual career paths and the work they have been doing to seek new ventures for themselves during this time.

Life Lessons: entrepreneurship, grief, and resilience

The story of entrepreneur, Brian, shares life lessons on grief, resilience, and the importance of following your dreams.

Interview With my Dad, Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers talked about his early life and family members. He discusses many memories and accomplishments that he has achieved through out life while learning life lessons along the way.

Keala Kanae Interview

About his life nd part of his line of work.

Starting a Business in 1972.

Interview with my grandpa, started the business Cross Country Computer Cooperation

Hayden Bozich interview with grandpa

In this my grandpa talked about his time growing up and the differences between them and now

Interview with Marcie Bono

We talked about jobs, voting, and life as a teenager for Marcie.

Interview with Manuel Ortiz

A quick interview about a photographer’s life growing up, and how he views everything.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.

Interview with my momtrepreneur!

I asked my mom a few quick questions about her product, FusionBelts.

Success /Failure interview

Discussing what success and failure mean to a woman who is mother, wife, and business owner.

Interview with my momtrepreneur!

I asked my mom a few quick questions about her product, FusionBelts.

Background information about jannae Allen

Today I interviewed a sales representative named jannae Allen she works for the cereal company named Kellogg’s

Brenda – stacey

Talking abt stacey gaswirth and their relationship

Perspective of an young Entrepreneur

Got a chance to talk to my older brother about entrepreneurship and how the lifestyle is. We also got a chance to hear how he started off and how he is now

Life of My Mom

I interviewed my mom. She is 37 years old. We interviewed in flint michigan. This interview was about her life overall and her work life. I asked a lot of questions. She even figured some stuff out she didn’t know....

Bunny and Papa English Podcast

Bunny and Papa tell me about building and owning Imboden Creek Living Centers